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Easy Part-Time Jobs You Can Take in Australia

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Studying in Australia is a costly investment. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy part-time jobs you can take to ease some of the financial burdens.

As an international student, a part-time job will give you income while studying. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to hone your skills, both personal and professional.

Taking a part-time job in Australia is easy if you follow the conditions of your student visa. You must also engage in work that won’t clash with your class schedule.

The good news is, part-time jobs for students are easy to apply for and do. With that in mind, here are easy part-time jobs you can take in Australia:


Waiting tables at cafes and restaurants may not be your ideal part-time job. But it’s a job where your best reward is large tips and satisfied customers.

You can apply as a waiter or waitress in virtually any place that serves food. To narrow down your search, you can apply at cafes within the university campus.


If you have the charm and allure of hospitality in you, then this part-time job is for you. A receptionist role uses a mix of technical and personal skills. It’s also a kind of job where you can practice your conversational skills.

A receptionist not only guides guests but also uses administrative tools such as Microsoft Excel for other duties. You can find a job like this at hotels, spas, resorts, and restaurants.

Sales Assistant

Do you have a knack for persuading people to buy things? You can be a part-time salesperson. Getting into sales can be time-demanding yet fulfilling work. If you exceed the sales quota, you can get lucrative commissions at work.

Sales assistants are an important part of customer service. A sales assistant must also relay features and use of certain products to buyers. If you think you can juggle duties like these, consider being a part-time sales assistant.

Call Center Agent

If you have strong communication skills, it’s time to leverage them for a part-time job. Call center agents often address customer inquiries and provide them with solutions. They often take the heat from an angry caller so being patient and even-tempered is a plus.

Having good English skills is a basic requirement for this role. You don’t have to be fluent since you’ll typically get a response script for every call.


A housekeeper’s job is to maintain the order and cleanliness of a place. They can work in hotels, homestays, boutiques, or private residences. In exchange for their service, they receive wages and free lodging.

A housekeeping job is more ideal to take during long breaks and not as a week job. You can apply as a housekeeper after the end of your semester or on your summer break.

More Jobs To Look Out For

Can’t find a job you like in the list above? Here are a couple more part-time ones to consider:

  • Events worker
  • Volunteer
  • Farm hand
  • Au pair
  • Laborer
  • Deck hand
  • Bartender
  • Barista

There are plenty of easy part-time jobs you can take as an international student. To take a part-time job, read our guide to working part-time in Australia here at MSM Unify. 


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