About Us?

Bringing together institutions, agents, and students to make education accessible for all.

MSM Unify is a student marketplace that connects students with educational institutions and recruitment partners worldwide. We unify and allow everyone in the industry to work collaboratively to reach the world’s curious learners and provide them with a host of options when it comes to their education.

about study abroad

Through MSM Unify, 

we provide tools and resources to transform education, 

one student of the world at a time.

MSM Unify was born in 2020 in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic as a sustainable and cost-effective approach for institutions to market, recruit, amid an intensely challenged environment, for agents to expand their offerings to their students and maximize their earning potential, and for students to make their dreams of studying overseas happen.

Our Vision

A world that empowers people with education worldwide, ensures their success, and transforms their lives, their families, and communities. Along the way, we transform the international education sector with the power of technology and innovation, serving all industry stakeholders at the highest quality and innovative thinking and doing.
We abide by the following core values:

We help our partners gain a unique advantage and our students get the experience of a lifetime


We treat everyone with humility and play it fair


 We do everything to the highest standards and deliver what we promise


We are transparent and own up to our actions


We innovate and create the extraordinary things

Ecological Thinking
Ecological Thinking

Through responsible technology, we do our part to sustain the planet, the only home we have

Who We Serve

An endless pool of qualified learners, a global agent network, and high-impact, multi-channel promotions
  • Diversified regions for recruitment 
  • Complete applications from motivated students
  • Compliant and well-vetted agents
  • High enrollment ratio
  • Workload management to save you time and resources
Direct institution link, a portfolio of 50,000+ programs for your students, and attractive commissions and perks
  • Expanded portfolio of institutions
  • Multi-country student recruitment
  • Thousands of programs and courses
  • Higher commissions and earnings
  • Exclusive perks
  • Dedicated agent support and guidance
A one-stop student marketplace to access free and latest resources, smart agent matching, and an online forum among experts and peers
  • Build ONE profile 
  • Free international student content and resources
  • Best institution and program match
  • Unique tools and services for a successful student journey
  • Forum to interact with peers and fellow students

Partner for Student Success

MSM Unify is powered by the extensive global network of MSM, which is present in about 78 countries worldwide, has processed over 145,000 student applications, and helps diversify campuses worldwide. We continue to envision and work hard to create a world where international education is accessible to all.

We have established a governance code for education agents working with MSM Unify institutions to be compliant, ethical, responsible, and adherent to sound business principles at all times. We also conduct regular, timely, and continuing agent training programs to guide all recruitment partners in best industry practices.