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Types of International Student Accommodation

Private Accommodation
These are apartments and privately owned and run dorms where students stay on their own or share rent with others looking for a place to stay. Many online platforms connect students with these providers.
University accommodation
These are dormitories and student residences provided by the institution, and typically offer the advantage of easy access to campus and its facilities, a high level of security, and living among fellow students.
Temporary accommodation
Some schools offer temporary student accommodation, such that you have time on arrival to look around and decide on what permanent arrangement you will go for. There are also hostels available in the new country for you to stay in; while they are convenient, they can be quite expensive.
Staying with a local family is a popular option for international students in certain countries, such as Canada, Australia, and the United States. This way they get immersed in the local culture, speak the local language more often, and have a unique experience with the host family. It’s also often affordable.

Considerations to make in choosing your Student Accommodation

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