agent faq
agent faq

General FAQs


What are the benefits of being an agent on MSM Unify?

  • Earn more with automated processes and an expanded network of colleges and universities you recruit for
  • Offer 50,000+ program choices to your students
  • Manage student profiles on a single dashboard
  • Enjoy attractive commissions and join exclusive events and training opportunities

Working with MSM Unify gives you the luxury of choice: you can be a GMO agent, Unify agent, or both a GMO and Unify agent.


How can MSM Unify connect me to institutions?

We have a growing pool of partner institutions, and agents who work with us can have access to these institutions and their programs. To partner with an institution, agents have to go through the due diligence process of each institution separately and MSM Unify will help in making this process happen on one platform.


How do I become an agent for an MSM Unify college or university partner?

Please follow these steps to access MSM Unify:

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Complete the Agent Profile. Agents can choose to apply as an agent for GMO, Unify, or both. ​

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Upload the required Business Certificate on MSM Unify in the Documents section. ​

Agents will have access to view the institution and program details but will not be able to represent an MSM Unify partner school until the due diligence process is complete.


How can I check the status of my Agent Evaluation Form (AEF) for an institution?

Your versatile dashboard shows you the latest updates on your due diligence process. MSM Unify makes sure that you are the first to know of your AEF status, such as if it has been received, approved, or if additional documents are required.


How can I find an application form for the university?

Recruiting through MSM Unify gives you the convenience of a standardized application process. Under “Application,” choose a student and select the institution you wish to make an application for. There, you will find an automatically generated application form.


How can I check the status of a student’s application?

Your versatile dashboard shows you the latest updates on your total, accepted, and rejected applications. For a more detailed status report, clicking “Application” will take you to your complete list of applications. Find the application in question and check its status under the “Status” column.


What happens when the student still missed some requirements for their application?

By showing you the status of your students’ applications, you can determine whether the requirements were complied. You can only complete an application if the necessary information and documents have been uploaded through the portal. Through proper coordination with students, you can help bridge them to their target institution.


Can the student delay the tuition fee payment to receive the acceptance letter?

The policy for the delay in payment varies from institution to institution. Please get in touch with the Support Team of the institution.


Can the student ask for a refund of their application fees?

The application fee is non-refundable. 


Can the student ask for a refund of their tuition if their visa or study permit has been rejected?

Tuition refunds due to visa or study permit rejections depend on the intended institution of study. To find out more about the refund policy, use MSM Unify to get in touch with an institution representative. 


How do I edit a student's information?

In the MSM Unify portal under the Students section, you will see a list of all students. Beside their name, you can find an option to edit their information.


How do I edit an application?

Going to the “Application” section will show you the complete list of applications you have made on the portal. Clicking on a student’s application will give you the option to add, edit, or delete information or any uploaded documents. Only applications that have not been completed and submitted can be edited to avoid confusion from data inaccuracies.


How do I check the eligibility of an applicant?

Under the “Eligibility Test,” you can input a student’s grades and English proficiency test results to confirm if their scores meet their desired program’s requirements. You will also be given the option to browse programs and institutions where their grades would be qualified.

FAQs for Global & In-Country Office Agents


How does MSM’s global/country office model through the Global Marketing Office (GMO) work?

We represent our partner institutions with dedicated and professional staff on the ground. Our marketing and admissions teams work with agents in the same way that institution staff do: training, supporting, and motivating them. The difference is we are in-country every day, making us accessible to agents and their counselors. 

Our model of institution support involves agent management, scrupulously screening, supporting, and setting up partner agents to meet targets. We are present full-time, speaking their language and working in their time zones.

As part of our financial transparency, GMO agents are direct and recognized agents of a higher education institution (HEI) and are paid directly by them.


What countries or territories does MSM specialize in?

Diversifying their campus is of growing importance to HEIs. We have built a strong presence in 17 countries and are growing, including Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Vietnam. We are rapidly expanding to 50 countries in the near future. This enables us to present a huge pool of prospects to our partner institutions and convert them into enrollment numbers.


How does MSM brand and market institutions to international students?

A dedicated team for each institution – the only one that will represent them and get trained in their branding – will mobilize their agent network and equip them with high-quality marketing collateral, social media creatives, visibility through school fairs and events, and everything they need to reach the market. 


We also take over routine processes to free up our partner’s time and resources: pre-screen all applications offshore within 24 hours, facilitate offer letters, conduct pre-departure briefings for students and their parents, and vet agent invoices to ensure accuracy. Our commitment goes beyond all these, providing services such as full concierge service for partners’ in-country visits, culture familiarization visits for HEI staff, and more


What’s in it for GMO agent partners?

We’re your partner in growth, helping expand your agency business through global exposure and ongoing support for painful, time-consuming functions like institution invoicing. 

The “No Sub-Agent Zone” in our GMO model is the only platform today that allows you to be a direct and recognized agent of a college or university and get paid directly by them. 

Join a steadily growing network of at least 4,500 MSM affiliate agents in countries on nearly every continent, from India and the Indian subcontinent to Southeast Asia to Africa and Latin America.


How do I become a GMO agent?

An agent typically gets onboard at MSM GMO with five easy steps:

  1. An agent hears about MSM and connects with us through one of our local managers or admissions partners.
  2. MSM schedules a meeting with an agent and presents the benefits of being a partner agent.
  3. If interested, the agent fills out an Agent Evaluation Form and submits all the required documents and necessary references in the industry.
  4. MSM conducts a comprehensive reference check.
  5. Agent signs up as a partner agent.

Now this process has been made easier and more efficient through MSM Unify, where you can sign up on the platform directly


What does the agent evaluation or due diligence process for prospective GMO agents entail?

Interested agents’ requirements include but are not limited to the AEF, their business license, a picture of their office, reference and background check forms, a marketing plan for the institution, an agent authorization email, and agent banking information. The institution will provide agents with a certificate and agent agreement or contract once two students are registered successfully on campus. 

Before an agent is to be accepted, they undergo a systematic evaluation process that includes cross-checking with the references they provided. This involves two references that reflect their abilities and experience with other institutions prior to working with us.

FAQs for SaaS agents general FAQs


Services: What does SaaS Agency do?

SaaS Agency is the dedicated recruitment partner of MSM Unify. We provide the following services:

  • Handle international student recruitment on behalf of our partner institutions
  • Perform rigorous agent-vetting and provide agents in the SaaS Agency network with intelligent tools and the back-end support they need to maximize efficiency
  • Connect learners from diverse student markets to thousands of programs and courses from a global network of institutions
  • Facilitate applications to online education delivery partners in various locations worldwide


What are the benefits of signing up with SaaS Agency as an agent?

  • Access to the AI-powered MSM Unify platform
  • Thousands of programs and courses
  • Quick and easy onboarding
  • Streamlined end-to-end process
  • Maximum earnings, generous commissions, and other incentives for top performers
  • A transparent payment system
  • Free training, webinars, and workshops
  • Access to a virtual library of guides, decks, and marketing collaterals
  • Personalized coaching from industry experts
  • 360-degree marketing support


How many institutions are signed up with SaaS Agency?

We have a steadily growing partner network worldwide, and you will be part of this constant growth if you sign up as an agent. We work with top private and public higher education institutions in the world, with a heavy concentration in North America, Australia, and Europe.


In which countries does SaaS Agency operate?

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Mauritius
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • UAE
  • UK
  • USA


How can SaaS Agency help me recruit better?

We work only with the best! We help develop qualified, high-performing agents further and provide ongoing training, personalized coaching from industry experts, extensive professional support, and a library of tools and materials to ensure that you consistently deliver the best results. Our network of over 2,700 (and growing!) agents worldwide can vouch for how we develop excellent “frontliners” for institutions: their boots on the ground making the first contact, nurturing leads, and guiding students through every stage of the application process, and giving value-added services.


How will I earn more via SaaS Agency?

We offer our recruitment partners an unlimited earning opportunity and high commissions disbursed in a direct and timely manner.


How does one get verified/certified as an SaaS Agency agent?

Agents need to complete an Agents Application form on the platform and demonstrate which institutions they are working for. We then verify individual performance with those institutions. Every agent in our network goes through a due diligence process that mirrors that of other institutions’ processes. We’re very diligent with standard quality.

A prospective SaaS Agency agent typically gets onboard through five general steps:

  1. The agent hears about MSM Unify / SaaS Agency and connects with us through one of our local managers or admissions partners.
  2. We schedule a meeting with the agent and present the benefits of being an EdTech Agency Agent.
  3. If interested, the agent fills out an SaaS Agency Agent Evaluation Form and submits all the required documents and necessary industry references.
  4. We conduct a comprehensive reference and background check of the agent.
  5. The agent signs up to be an SaaS Agency Agent through the MSM Unify Platform following the procedures laid out therein.


What are the requirements I need to provide?

  1. Prospective agents are required to provide proof of Business Registration or Business License.
  2. Prospective agents must share photographs of their physical office premises.
  3. Prospective agents must provide two (2) independent institutional references based on the pool of institutions to which they have already recruited students.


I’m interested! What are the steps to become an SaaS Agency agent?

Simply follow these three easy steps:
  1. Click on this link and sign up.
  2. Get on-boarded on MSM Unify by our admissions team.
  3. Start recruiting and get timely commissions for every successful enrolment.