Network Manager Program: What To Expect?

MSM-Unify_Network Manager Program What To Expect

Multihexa welcomes students who are interested in enrolling in its Network Manager Program, providing them with a multitude of opportunities. Read more about the program. A network manager is a highly sought-after IT expert. Working in information systems, particularly in networking or programming positions, can provide a wide range of innovative and rewarding options. As […]

How To Influence Study Abroad Decisions

How To Influence Study Abroad Decisions

As an education agent, you play an active role in shaping the student recruitment process. In particular, you pave the initial groundwork for study abroad decisions. In recent years, students have been increasingly reliant on education agents. This was further illuminated by the pandemic where agents bridged universities and students. More frankly, successful admissions also […]

How To Find the Right College for You

MSM-Unify_How To Find the Right College for You

A college admissions guide would almost highly suggest that you do some research on schools and make a list of those you intend to apply to in the application procedure. But what does it mean? What is the best way to select universities to tour, apply to, and eventually attend? In reality, there isn’t a […]

Analyst Programmer Program: What to Expect?

MSM-Unify_Analyst Programmer Program What to Expect

As technology takes a stronger hold in our world today, keeping up with the trends is necessary. And we all know that staying on top of the game starts with a top-notch education and training. An Analyst Programmer program deals with meeting the demands of a tech-driven world. At its core, it combines the principles […]

The Pros and Cons of Living Off-Campus

MSM-Unify_The Pros and Cons of Living Off-Campus

Another decision to make before stepping into your chosen study destination is your lodging. Whether you want to stay in a dorm or far from your school, it is mainly up to you to decide. The question is whether to live on campus or outside campus. When incoming freshmen or even current students have second […]

What Makes Canada an Attractive International Student Destination?

What Makes Canada an Attractive International Student Destination?

As far as international student destinations go, Canada is on top of many international students’ wishlists. The picturesque country, along with the friendly locals are chief among the reasons why people want to study and even live in this part of the world. It’s no secret that living with a friendly face can definitely uplift […]