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Cohort Go

Cohort Go is an innovative platform for global payments that provides a more equitable, efficient, and simple way to pay for your international education costs. With favorable foreign exchange rates and no extra charges, you may safely pay for necessities like tuition, living costs, and other expenses using your home currency.
The goal of Cohort Go is to develop more intelligent methods of tying together the global education community. Cohort Go gives students the option to instantly make foreign payments with just a few clicks.
Cohort Go users can use the most recent online payment systems and local currencies to send funds even to their blocked accounts (e.g. Alipay, Union Pay, ICICI, Skyee, MasterCard).
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Transfer funds in 4 simple steps

You can send money overseas in your home currency by using Cohort Go’s extensive network of dependable partners, and they’ll transfer the money anywhere in the world. Here are four easy steps to transfer funds using Cohort Go:



Submit your payment information using the payments portal or contact a counselor.



Follow instructions on how to make a deposit using the payment method of your choice.



After Cohort receives your cash, they will send your providers’ local payments.



Get notified through real-time tracking notifications as your money gets transferred.

Reasons to choose Cohort Go

Each Cohort Go payment is given at a favorable currency rate and free of any charges. Aside from this, Cohort Go has a lot more to offer including:

Security is its Priority

Cohort Go’s cloud-based services are safe, secure, and optimized for international students. This ensures that your personal and financial information is secure.

Cohort Go utilizes the highest security technology that there is to safeguard your data. Our systems and networks are dependable and use cutting-edge technology and design approaches.

Try using your free Cohort Go Portal right away. It is safe, reliable, and improved continuously to meet your shifting demands. With Cohort Go, you can pay your tuition more wisely and confidently as you begin your adventure in international education.

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