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Student recruitment comes with various challenges, and it has been MSM Unify’s mission to address these challenges. Explore how MSM Unify solutions can help improve student recruitment efficiency and agility while reducing costs and capturing new student market opportunities. 

MSM Unify offers services and solutions to amplify your student recruitment efforts.

Student Mobility Program

Global learning within your reach

MSM Unify coordinates students’ acceptance to partner institutions on a cross-enrollment arrangement. 

  • Students can take their programs in a host institution and use the credits to help them complete their degrees in their home institution. 
  • Students pay using their tuition at their home institution while taking their courses in a host institution. 
  • Students shoulder personal expenses and other costs associated with studies, including travel, visa processing, and accommodation.
  • Scholarships are available for qualified students.

Summer Immersion Program

Get meaningful experiences through exploratory programs

Through the MSM Unify Summer Immersion Program, high school students can prepare for college through exploratory coursework and community activities.

Our program participants can:

  • Get insights from scholars, students, professors, and other experts in their fields
  • Join in activities to nurture their talents
  • Develop lifelong friendships and connections

Our program is open to academically exceptional high school students, grades 9–12.

Semester Abroad Program

Find your path beyond your region

MSM Unify Semester Abroad Program will open the doors of opportunities so you can experience what it’s like to study abroad. 

For a semester, students can enjoy:

  • Academic Learning: Providing multiple academic program options that extend learning beyond the classroom. With this, we will give them the experience and skills they need to succeed in their chosen academic track.
  • Cultural Immersion: Students will know what it’s like to live like a local. Our program includes field activities and cultural excursions to help students understand the culture and more!

Beyond this, students also have access to student support as our team has highly trained support staff and resident directors.