The MSM Unify Agent Training Course:

This Course serves as a prerequisite for MSM Unify Agent Training Course (MUATC).

At the completion of this this course, learners will possess the foundational knowledge required to become an education agent.

They will understand the role of agents in international education, what agents do for institutions and students, and how agents can have a fulfilling career in education.

After this course, agents can take subsequent training courses to become well-rounded recruitment agents representing and promoting different study destinations and academic institutions.

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Roles of agents in student recruitment

Best practices for student recruitment

Student recruitment strategies

Secrets for continued growth

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What’s included in the course?

4 modules

One-year unlimited access to videos and audio transcripts, giving you the option to read, watch, and listen as you learn at your own convenience - learning anytime, anywhere.


Each module has a corresponding quiz to test your knowledge of the lessons.

With real-life scenarios, you can put your learning into practice.


Upon course completion and evaluation, you can get a certificate to prove that you’re ready to recruit students confidently.

Guaranteed success with knowledge!

Become a high-performing student recruitment expert today!

Frequently asked questions

Yes! All of the MSM Unify Agent Training Course (MUATC) content is fully responsive, so it will work regardless of whether you’re on a computer or a mobile device.

The MSM Unify Agent Training Course is self-paced. You are free to take each lesson at your own convenient time. However, we suggest blocking off a specific schedule on your calendar every day, so you don’t miss out on knowledge. Remember, whatever isn’t scheduled can be forgotten.

You can set aside 7 hours for the entire course: 5 hours to take in the lessons (audio, video, texts, and quizzes), and 2 hours at least to review and complete an action plan for putting the learning into practice.

Yes, you will get a certificate you can download after completing and passing the assessment

The student recruitment landscape is evolving. It’s getting more competitive out there. If you want a better understanding of your role, including the best practices of reaching out and engaging with students and institutions, this course is right for you. This training course will give you more than 20 years of proven and tested tips, tools, strategies, and the right mindset to recruit students with 100% success.

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