How to Celebrate the Indian Republic Day While Studying Abroad

Celebrate the Indian Republic Day While Studying Abroad

The highly-revered 75th Indian Republic Day is around the corner, and the festive preparations are in full swing across the country. Republic Day is celebrated to honor the adoption and implementation of India’s constitution, which is a great matter of pride for all Indians. But, do you know, when was the first Indian Republic Day celebrated?

It was the 26th of January 1950, when the Indian Constitution came into effect, establishing our nation as a sovereign, socialist, secular, and democratic republic. Indians celebrate this notable day with great enthusiasm in our country, for which the planning and groundwork begin in advance. 

Indian Republic Day is celebrated with flag-hoisting ceremonies conducted by the armed forces, government officials, and children across various parts of our country. The most significant and magnificent Indian Republic Day parade is held at Kartavya Path In Delhi every year, splendidly showcasing our country’s rich heritage and military prowess.

Apart from these official celebratory events, people celebrate Indian Republic Day in unique ways to honor this special day and foster patriotism. But, the celebration is not just restricted to our own country. Even Indians living overseas make efforts to express unity with their fellow countrymen and foster national pride.


Celebrate Indian Republic Day While Studying Abroad

If you are studying abroad and missing the glorious celebratory vibe of Republic Day, here’s how you can celebrate the day and nurture a strong sense of national identity. Keep reading!


1. Gather Indian friends and hoist the Indian National Flag

The best way to pay homage to our country and express our gratitude and love towards our homeland is by hoisting our Indian National Flag. So, plan this event with other Indian students in your university or your neighborhood. Together, you may also plan for other celebratory activities to have the best time together and avert homesickness.

The only thing you need to ensure is to keep the flag respectfully and hoist it with utmost discipline and reverence. 


2.  Watch the Republic Day Parade on TV

Watching the Indian Republic Day Parade on TV during the chilly winter morning, snug in blankets and comforters is a ritual for most Indians across the country. The splendid display of military prowess done by our Indian navy, army, and air force personnel is breathtaking and infuses a deep feeling of patriotism and pride in our hearts.

So, while studying abroad, you don’t have to miss out on this spellbinding Republic Day Parade, as you can watch it from your place! Several news channels stream the parade live, which you can watch on their official websites or their YouTube channels. So, set a reminder now!


3. Listen to the President of India’s speech

The President of India unfurls the National Flag at Kartavya Path (formerly Rajpath) in New Delhi on every Republic Day, commencing further celebrations. On this day the President addresses the nation by talking about our achievements and progress as a nation, new developments, and innovations. 

As a student studying abroad, you can take pride in the glory of our nation by simply tuning in to the President of India’s speech. An effortless yet effective way to mark the glorious day!


4.  Organize an Indian food festival

organize indian food festival

Most of us will agree with the fact that festivities are incomplete without good food! That said, organize an Indian food festival in your college or neighborhood to soak yourself in the Indian culture and enable the people around you to taste the delectable and unique flavors of our country. 

Also, you may encourage everyone to wear Indian traditional attire to spread the festive cheer and celebrate the diversity of our country.


5. Have a virtual gathering

If you are unable to gather Indians around you in person, you can enjoy a virtual gathering with your friends and family back home. You can sing songs, play games, and indulge in virtual activities to celebrate the Indian Republic Day most feasibly.

For instance, you can play quizzes based on Indian culture and history and also involve prizes for winners. This activity will be entertaining and educational at the same time!


6. Watch patriotic movies

republic day 2024 while studying abroad

Watching patriotic movies on Indian Republic Day and Indian Independence Day has a unique charm altogether. So, plan the movies in advance and enjoy patriotic movies during the day. Also, you can have a movie night with your Indian friends and enjoy some Indian meals for dinner. 


In case, you are not able to gather your friends, and you do not want to watch a movie alone, you can host a Watch Party online and enjoy patriotic movies with your friends or family back home. Uri, the Ghazi Attack, Calling Sehmat, Border, and Gadar are a few all-time favorite Indian patriotic movies that you may watch on the upcoming Indian Republic Day.

That said, there are many different ways to celebrate Indian Republic Day in a foreign country without harboring a fear of missing out! So, consider the above-mentioned ideas and plan some unique activities with your Indian friends to mark this day and make beautiful memories. The entire team of MSM Unify wishes you a happy and blessed Republic Day in advance!


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