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The Top 4 Study Abroad Destinations for Indian Students

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It is very confusing as to where to study when it comes to studying abroad. There is a myriad of places to choose from and thousands of universities. This guide will outline the best study abroad destinations for Indian students.


There is no place that caters to every need of each student ‚Äď some places may have a good climate but do not have a university that offers your chosen course and vice versa. So, the individual requirements of the students determine the best study destination for them. Various ranking systems rank cities based on their testing methodology and student inputs alike. This guide will shed light on some of the places that rank highly as global cities for international students.¬†


When it comes to the British capital, it is the most welcoming city in the world for international students. London provides international students with the best-in-class experience at several parameters. London offers the best education across a myriad of fields. There are world-renowned institutions in this city with the likes of the London School of Economics whose alumni include Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau, president of India K.R. Narayanan, and many more. The British climate can be challenging for anyone because of the extreme cold temperature and lack of sunshine. These are some of the things that you need to cope with if you are coming from a hot and humid country.

Apart from that, there is a huge diaspora from the Indian subcontinent that can help you adjust in the country. A section of London known as South Hall is also called Little India as it is home to the largest Punjabi community outside the Indian subcontinent. 


It may seem like an odd choice because of the language barrier for English speakers, but this German city is known for providing world-class education as well as giving students a lifetime of experience. One of the biggest reasons to choose Munich as a study destination is that it is among the world’s safest cities as per Numbeo and SafeAround. The language barrier is not a huge problem in Germany and especially in Munich because the state of Bavaria (Munich is the capital of Bavaria) has one of the highest English proficiency in the world, according to a report by the EF English Index.

Munich provides good technical education, which means students who want to pursue engineering and design courses can expect to study at universities where the greatest physicists and scientists once roamed their corridors. Imagine being in a place where some of the greatest scientific breakthroughs are achieved. 


Melbourne is the most livable city in Australia as per the Economists global liveability survey, so the quality of life is high. Due to this, however, the cost of living is high as well. That said, the wages you can earn as a student are also higher than in other cities. Additionally, Melbourne has the world’s top-ranked universities for many disciplines. The city offers good career opportunities, so students may find it easy to get a job.

If you are a sports lover, then Melbourne may be the perfect city as your study destination. It is the sports center of Australia. You can also make a career in sports if you want to go down that route. Melbourne has the iconic Melbourne cricket ground, which is like the Mecca of the cricketers. This is where Don Bradman, the greatest cricket player of all time, used to play. So, if you are a cricket fan and want to get world-class education, then Melbourne is a great place to go!


Boston is a student-friendly place with a rich history. This city is home to renowned universities and is a center for arts and culture. Students from all walks of life can find their calling in this city. So, it does not mean that only students from arts backgrounds can enjoy this city.

In Boston, students can enjoy the best of both worlds in terms of academics and extracurricular activities.


A city is made great by its students. No one size fits all, but individual cities and their environs make them great study destinations for different kinds of international students. 


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