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Most Popular Courses to Study in Spain

Most Popular Courses to Study in Spain

Most Popular Courses to Study in Spain
From the top-notch universities to excellent study programs, Spain surely has a lot in store for international students like you. If you already have a program in mind or are still unsure of what you would like to study, it may be best to understand all the popular degrees in this country.


Law is said to be one of the most popular courses in Spain; a lot of students are interested in entering this field. If you want to be a future lawyer, government official, prosecutor, or anything that deals with law, you can take your study to Madrid where a few of the law schools are located.

Students also enroll in International Criminal Law where they can study core international crimes. You can expect to acquire knowledge in international criminal procedures and the criminal justice system.

Arts and Humanities

This field is an exciting choice for international students in Spain. If you have an interest or talent in the arts, taking a program in the Arts and Humanities will give you a long-lasting career that you will enjoy. Some courses you can learn here include history and language, English language, virtual arts, and many others. A final research thesis must be performed and accomplished to end your course. Graduates from this field have been living a rewarding and fulfilling life.

You can work along with like-minded people and build each other’s skills in this career. Some of the most popular courses that you can major in are:

  • Western American Literature
  • Spanish Literature
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Popular Music
  • Fundamentals of Philosophy

Spanish Courses

Is there a better place to learn Spanish than in its country of origin? Many universities teach courses in Spanish, but if you want to immerse yourself in the language, you can take a specialized Spanish course. The duration depends on you; it can be a short or long time. This is a popular option for non-Spanish speakers before going to degree studies.


The Sciences have a lot to offer. This field brings a limitless opportunity for those interested in the sciences. From Chemistry, Physics, Microbiology, to Mathematics, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can take the program both in the undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Marketing and Finance

When you enroll in a Marketing and Finance program, you are one step to reaching your corporate dreams and setting your own business. A degree in Marketing and Finance will enable you to pick from diverse career options.

Some jobs you can be employed at include being a Financial Analyst, Marketing Consultant, Advertising Exec, Product Manager, and a lot more.

Hospitality Management

Hospitality management will give you the opportunity to work in hotels, restaurants, and similar establishments. Spanish universities are popular for this course, which allows its students to learn different styles and techniques in giving professional service.

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