Why You Should Study Spanish in Spain

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Itā€™s one thing to study a foreign language such as Spanish in your home country with a textbook or with a computer, and another thing to study it in its country of origin, surrounded by native speakers.

Why Should You Study Spanish?Ā 

Spoken Language of Millions Around the World

Did you know that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world? According to Instituto Cervantes, as of 2019, Spanish was spoken by more than 500 million people in the world or 7.6% of the worldā€™s population. Among them, around 483 million are native speakers. This number is unsurprising, since Spanish is spoken in many parts of the world. In fact, it is the official language of around 21 countries, including Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador.Ā 

Great Tool for Business and Wider Career ProspectsĀ Ā 

Due to its wide reach, Spanish is a great tool for doing business, and a great way to have better career prospects. If a multi-national business also caters to the Spanish-speaking populace, imagine having a market of more than 500 million people worldwide. Moreover, knowing Spanish opens the chance to work in many Spanish-speaking countries.Ā 

May Protect From Alzheimerā€™sĀ 

Many studies reveal that being bilingual affects our brain structure linked with our resilience against Alzheimerā€™s disease and other mild cognitive impairment.Ā 

Perks of Studying Spanish in SpainĀ 

These days, the internet has made it easier to study Spanish without leaving the comfort of your home. Although this is also a good way to learn the language, nothing beats studying it in its country of origin.

You Can Listen to How Spanish Naturally Sounds and Befriend Native Speakers

Studying Spanish in its country of origin allows you to listen to the real deal. Hearing the language from people who speak it since childhood is different from hearing it through online classes or through a computer. When you listen to native Spanish speakers, you will learn how the language sounds in conversation. Also, you will catch social cues and context that you probably wonā€™t get in an online language class.Ā 

Additionally, you befriend native speakers, making it easier to practice your Spanish while in the country, or even after you went back to your home country.Ā 

You Immerse in the Language and the CultureĀ 

Another reason why you should learn Spanish in Spain is because you have the chance to experience both the language and the culture. Itā€™s like optimizing your learning capacity for the language.

Having a first-hand experience of the culture makes someone see things from a native speakerā€™s perspective, making it easier to understand the nuances to the language.Ā 

You Enjoy Spainā€™s Food and EnvironmentĀ 

Another good thing about traveling to Spain is trying out local cuisine and visiting its famous attractions such as its Mediterranean beaches.Ā 

Spain is known for its rich food culture. Spanish people love to use colorful and fresh ingredients in making their world-famous dishes such as tortilla espaƱola, gazpacho, and gambas al ajillo, which are just some of the must-try delicacies in Spain. Once you get to learn the Spanish language, thereā€™s a big chance that you will be exposed to more local food that you can only eat in certain parts of Spain.

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