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Studying in Spain: What You Need To Know

Studying in Spain: What You Need To Know

Studying in Spain: What You Need To Know

Spain, a country in the southwestern part of Europe, is known for its rich culture and big role in shaping the history of the world. Aside from those, when people think of Spain, the first things that come to mind are its food, its football team, Real Madrid, the Flamenco dance, and Pablo Picasso. However, Spain is much more complex than that. 

Spain also boasts some of the best institutions and education systems in the world, with many of its universities ranking in various global rankings. In addition, it has more than 70 universities to choose from. 

If you are thinking of studying in Spain, here are some of the things you need to know. 

Low Cost of Living

Spain has one of the lowest cost of living in Western Europe, despite having a high quality of life. In fact, it ranks above average in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s OECD Better Life Index when it comes to housing, health, income and wealth, security, and work-life balance. 

The cost of living in its cities is usually higher than in areas outside of it. However, just for comparison, its capital city, Madrid, and another major city, Barcelona, both have a lower cost of living than other main cities in the world such as New York, London, Munich, and Brussels. 

The Second Most Spoken Language in the World is Spanish

By studying in Spain, international students will have the opportunity to learn one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, Spanish. As of 2019, Spain is the second most spoken language in the world by native speakers, after Chinese. Approximately, there are around 460 million Spanish speakers in the world, and around 20 countries list it as their official language. Aside from Spain, those countries include Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic, among others. 

You Can Take a Course in English 

Spain’s official language may be Spanish, but it does not mean that everything is taught in Spanish. Although learning the language is encouraged for international students because of the opportunities it can open, some Spanish institutions also offer the option to study a course in English such as the University of Valencia and the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Spain Has a Lot of Festivals

Spain has a lot of festivals that are usually celebrated all year round. Studying in Spain means you can get to experience the country’s colorful festivals. 

Although a majority of its festivals are specific and unique to each town and province, there are also those that coincide with Spain’s public holidays such as the Three Kings Day and Semana Santa. Other world-renowned Spanish festivals that are specific to certain areas are the Haro Wine Festival where people drench each other with wine, and the tomato festival in Valencia. 

Spain is a Tolerant Country

Spain may remind some people of the Spanish Inquisition from the 13th century. However, the country has come a long way from being a very strict Catholic country to a more tolerant society. In fact, not only is marriage equality legal in Spain, but in 2013, 88% of its citizens agreed that the LGBTQ+ community should be accepted by society. 

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