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Highest Paid Degrees in Germany

Highest Paid Degrees in Germany

Highest Paid Degrees in Germany
If you want to study in Germany, but have not decided yet on the course you will take, you may want to take note of the top-paid and high-demand jobs in the country to help you make your choice. So, once you get your diploma and start looking for a job, you can choose one that will give you a stable earning.

Here are some of the highest-paid courses in Germany:

Medicine and Dentistry

In Germany, health is considered one of the most important factors of one’s life. Medical experts such as doctors and dentists continue to provide quality service to their patients. No wonder medical occupations are among the top-paid degrees in Germany. An average yearly salary is €79,538.


When you study law, you are expected to know about the judicial systems, basic rights, and related principles. Laws keep a nation safe and intact. Just like the medical field, getting into and finishing law can be very challenging. Lawyers get paid an average salary of €74,013 annually.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on making companies work efficiently. Industrial engineers often work in the factory, planning and organizing things. They are paid €70,288 per year.


The fourth top-paid degree is Engineering. This course branches out from an encompassing general knowledge. Engineering students are bound to experience some of the most difficult subjects in maths and sciences. They also help in developing and advancing technology. Engineers get paid €69,850 per year.

Mathematics and Computer Science

A complex and difficult subject, mathematics has always been valued. When you graduate from mathematics, you will deal with a lot of numbers, formulas, and calculations.

On the other hand, computer scientists are in demand today as the world becomes more technologically advanced. They develop codes and discover algorithms to make people’s lives easier.

Both programs are important in this digital age and people with such professions are well paid. These innovators have compensated an annual pay of €68,241.

Natural Sciences

Learning natural sciences is also learning the ways of the world. If you attend this program, you will need to deal with subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology. It will help you acquire the necessary knowledge for the world to benefit from. Experts in this field also get paid a lot. A yearly salary for these specialists is around €66,954.

Business and Economics

The sectors of business and economics are also important. Being a business or economics expert will help you analyze and think in a more scientific approach. You will need to learn about the basics, theories, and principles of business and economics. If you are working in this industry, you will likely get paid an annual salary of €66,954.


Architecture is a top choice for students who like to design buildings and infrastructures. Aside from the aesthetics, you must also consider structural integrity and pricing. Engineers and architects often work together to build such constructions. These builders and developers are paid around €55,822.

There are a lot more degrees on the list of high-paying professions including psychology, earth science, political and social sciences, education, philosophy and humanities, historical and cultural sciences, and design.

Try to learn more about them to help you decide on what degree to take. Who knows, your choice may land you a top-earning job soon.

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