Choosing the Right Education agent

MSM Unify Choosing the Right Education Agent

Embarking on the international education journey can often make students and parents feel lost. The numerous tasks and things to consider are contributing factors. Fortunately, all is not lost as there are people who can help guide you on the right path. These are  education  agents

An education agent is essentially a conduit, a go-between the international student and education institutions. It is this person who can facilitate and guide students in finding the right school, choose the right program, and essentially get on the right path on their international education journey. 

By the same token, this person is a guide, a counselor who can help with things like  entrance exam reviews, admission requirements, visa applications, student loan applications, student accommodation and student loan bookings, pre-departure briefing, and is pretty much a support system once the student arrives in their chosen destination country.

Of course, choosing the right education agent is crucial. With so many of them out there, making the right choice can spell the difference between a stress-free and successful journey or one that ends in disaster.  Here are some things to consider:

  • A proven track record: We often look for credibility in people and institutions we deal with, right? Education agents are no exception. Ask for credentials, references, and the like. You may even look for testimonials and ask around if people have heard of this person or group. If these aren’t freely given by the education agent or agency you’re dealing  with, it is  a clear sign that something is amiss and you should simply walk away. 
  • Open communication: Students and their parents will naturally have a  sea of endless questions running in their head. A good and well-trained education agent understands this will always leave an open line for whenever these students and parents wish to talk. If he or she does not know the answers to these questions, they must be  honest and do their best to find out the real score. 
  • Facilitate processes: While the education agent may do most of the leg work, this does not mean the student and parent will not lift a finger. The education agent is merely there to guide in  things like  entrance exams, admissions, visa applications, student accommodations, student loan applications, and maybe even career placements. A guiding hand to lead one on the right path. 
  • No bias: A good and caring education agent is one who will not take sides or push for any single institution or international student. This person must have an objective eye and not be persuaded by emotion or any factor that will swing the tide in someone’s favor. 
  • Put clients’ best interests first: The client will always come first. This naturally means having their best interests at heart. If the education sees that the choices won’t be ideal, they must be upfront and tell it like it is. Of course, they can merely advise and the student and their parents will always have the final say. 

All told, choosing the right education agent is as important as selecting the right program, school and destination country. It all bills down to choosing what suits you best. This way, you should have a stress-free and even enjoyable international education experience. 

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