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6 Highest-Paying College Majors

6 Highest-Paying College Majors

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It is true that money is not everything but it is nice when your college major, a study you love, complements with the possibility of a high salary in the future.

You would often hear the saying, “do what you love; love what you do.” But it is not always the best choice for every student. Unfortunately, taking up something they love may not grant them a successful career in the future, despite the certain level of joy in the job itself.

Since students have a lot of debt to pay, they sometimes wonder if it is worth going to a university at all. For sure, you can choose a career path that suits you while considering its practicality for your future.

To help you decide which course major to take, here are some of the highest-paying college courses:

Petroleum Engineering

It is just reasonable for a petroleum engineer to earn an average of up to $92,300 for the first five years of work since they work closely with natural gas and crude oil. It is a delicate study that needs knowledge in these systems. If you work for 10 years or more, you can have a salary of $182,000.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

From electronics, smartphones, computers, to power station generators, these areas of study are designed to make our lives easier through innovations. Graduates adapt systems and techniques for technological advancement. Fresh graduates can expect a payoff of $101,200 on average while those with 10+ years of experience can have $152,300.

Applied Economics and Management

When you study applied economics, you will be immersed in theories and principles of economics applied to the real world. Recent graduates from this major can earn $60,900 and $139,600 for those with 10+ years of experience.

Operations Research

If problem-solving in an advanced way through mathematics and simulations excite you, operations research may be the right major for you. An average income of $78,400 can be earned by fresh graduates while $139,600 for those with 10+ years of experience.

Public Accounting

Majoring in public accounting will help you learn how to maintain and audit a system of the finances of a person, business, or organization. Graduates from this field are bound to perform audits, consultations, taxes, and accounting services. On average, graduates can make $60,000 per year that will eventually turn into an average of $138,800 in their mid-career.

Chemical Engineering / Materials Science & Engineering

These disciplines master both mathematical and scientific principles, then apply them to the development and operation of systems in various processes. You will be involved in the advancement of science using chemical processes and more. After graduating, you can have an average of $74,500 a year and eventually $137,800 per year.

Before making a decision, you should remember that the best major for you is one that combines both passion and practicality.

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