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5 Highest-Paying Jobs of the Future

5 Highest-Paying Jobs of the Future

5 Highest-Paying Jobs of the Future

The world is changing, and it’s changing fast. When it comes to working opportunities, what may be the highest-paying jobs or the biggest industries today, may not be the same in 5 to 10 years. 

To give yourself a competitive edge over the next few years, it is crucial to be in the know of the trends that might affect employment in the near future. Some of the industries that are projected to be in-demand include tech and healthcare. When it comes to job posts, manager positions,  in charge of overseeing operations in general, will still be in demand. 

In recent years, the tech industry has become bigger and more prominent in various industries. The healthcare industry, on the other hand, benefited greatly from technological improvements that will still produce in-demand and high-paying jobs in the next 5 to 10 years.

Below are the top five jobs, projected to be some of the highest-paying, and in-demand jobs in the future. 

Software Developer and Analyst

Current annual salary average: $110,140

Software development and analysis are related to the development of systems, used in computer programs and mobile applications that people use daily. Software developers may be involved in developing a program or developing a system used by programs. 

A software analyst, on the other hand, has more to do with reviewing programs or software specifications. Also, they are in charge of keeping all projects in software development on schedule, while maintaining quality. 

Registered Nurse (RN)

Current annual salary average: $75,330

RNs are nursing professionals whose focus is on the medical treatment of patients, including educational and emotional support for their patients and their families. An RN may work in specific areas of care such as oncology, pediatrics, geriatrics, or neonatology. Moreover, their role includes administering medication, evaluating and monitoring patients, maintaining medical records, and educating patients and their family members. 

General and Operations Managers

Current annual salary average: $103,650 

General and operations managers, plan, coordinate, direct, and manage general operations in the public or private sector. Their duties include formulating policies, managing daily operations, devising strategies to achieve an organization’s goal including planning the use of human resources and materials. In many organizations, general and operations manager posts are among the top paid positions. 

Financial Managers

Current annual salary average: $134,180

Duties and responsibilities for financial managers include overseeing an organization’s finances. These organizations may include major companies, agencies, and so on. 

Financial managers work with a team, to produce financial reports, cash-flow statements, profit projects, and coordinate accounting. Because of the huge financial responsibility the job entails, financial managers are expected to have strong attention to detail. 

Medical and Health Services Managers 

Current annual salary average: $104,280 

A medical health and services manager is a critical member of healthcare organizations in charge of making sure things go smoothly.  Their roles and responsibilities include overseeing day-to-day operations and services of an organization, such as managing finances, recruiting, coaching, and managing staff, collaborating with medical staff, managing work schedules. Other roles include representing the healthcare organization during board and investor meetings and improving the quality of the organization’s healthcare services. 

Knowing the highest-paying jobs for the next five or ten years can help students plan well for their future. However, do not forget that, when choosing your future career, ensure that you are also interested in it too. 

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