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Visit These Museums in Kuala Lumpur

Visit These Museums in Kuala Lumpur

The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, is an interesting place due to it being a cosmopolitan city. It is home to a multicultural and diverse population. 

Moreover, it houses many interesting museums that can help you understand the bigger picture of Malaysia as a country by giving you a glimpse of its past, present, and even future. 

If you’re studying in Malaysia or simply going on a vacation, don’t forget to visit Kuala Lumpur and add its museums to your itinerary. 

Why Visit a Museum

Museums have a bad rap for people who normally do not visit them as most of them think museums are boring. However, there are actually many kinds of museums that suit the interest and tastes of different types of people. Some galleries include artworks; museums for cultural treasures; and more niche types such as a museum for toys, for sports, and so on.

Visiting a museum is always a good way to learn more about your host country’s culture and history. Plus, it is a good way to unwind, due to museums’ mostly quiet environment, and learn a lot of new stuff. 

Museums in Kuala Lumpur You Should Visit

The National Museum of Malaysia (Muzium Negara)

This museum has been around since the 1960s. Since then, it has served as Malaysia’s repository of its rich historical and cultural heritage. It is located in Jalan Damansara and is near one of Kuala Lumpur’s wonders, the Perdana Botanical Garden. 

The museum’s palatial structure is based on the Rumah Gadang style and showcases a lot of traditional and modern Malay features. 

The museum showcases Malaysia‚Äôs history and how it has evolved from being known as ‚ÄúMalaya‚ÄĚ to being Malaysia. It also shows the country‚Äôs prehistoric history, life under Britain’s rule, and its achievements in the modern era up to the present time.

Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia

This museum hosts the biggest exhibits of Islamic arts and artifacts you can find in Southeast Asia. In fact, the items you can see in the museum came from different parts of the world, with the majority coming from China, India, and the Malay world. 

In the museum, you can trace Islam’s global history, from its birthplace in the Middle East to its expansion in different parts of the world. 

Aside from those, the museum also hosts workshops and activities you can join to have a better understanding of Islam. 


Petrosains is a museum and a discovery center and helps visitors get a glimpse of Malaysia’s scientific and technological development. Located at the heart of the city, you can go there by train, by bus, or by cycling. 

The center is owned by Petronas, Malaysia’s leading oil and gas corporation. Petrosains is home to many interactive exhibits making STEM learning more fun. Here, you can learn about plenty of scientific information ranging from astronomy, physics, robotics, molecular biology, to Malaysia’s oil and gas industry. 

Although the place may seem good for children, adults can also learn a lot from it. 

Before you can visit these museums in Kuala Lumpur, first, you must be familiar with how transportation in Malaysia works. To learn about them, check out MSM Unify’s article on Guide to Transportation in Malaysia. 


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