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Life Skills You Should Learn Before Going to College

Life Skills You Should Learn Before Going to College

Life Skills You Should Learn Before Going to College
Having a sense of freedom and being independent may simply get the impression of no home rules to follow. There will be no one nagging you to help in the household chores like doing the laundry, cleaning up the room, or loading the dishwasher. But college life is more than that.

With independent living, you need to have practicality in mind. You’ll only get this when you settle in your dorm. You need to do things that you don’t usually do in your home because you only have yourself.

Are you ready to handle independent living in college? If not, now is the time to prepare yourself for the less-exciting part of being a college student. Here are some of the most basic life skills you must learn before entering college.

  • Being Financially Responsible

Proper management of money is an important virtue you should learn as a kid. Since you are on your way to adulthood, you need to know the value of each coin or bill. And teens like you are more prone to mistakes that may seem small but can make serious consequences. Missing a credit card and overspending are two examples.

Your parents should talk to you about money discussions like monitoring expenses and following a budget, as well as advanced financial talks like calculating interest, loan comparisons, and credit card debt. This way, you can be financially responsible and save a lot of money.

Talks about earning money can also be discussed, from part-time jobs, freelancing, to scholarships. Any money that you will earn will lessen your overall student loan debt if you have it. Not to mention that part-time jobs also benefit students to acquire skills for future work.

  • Home-Cleaning Basics

Mom is away from you in college you have to deal with everything, even cleaning. The dust won’t dust itself off and the floors won’t vacuum themselves.

Your college dorm needs to be taken care of. You and your roommate must clean it regularly. You have to learn the basics of home cleaning. Who would want to live in an untidy room, right?

  • Doing the Laundry Correctly

Laundry is not some magic where you throw your dirty clothes into a basket, push some buttons, then wait for it to appear clean and folded on the next day.

In college, you will have to learn how to do your laundry and not depend on laundry shops. Doing your laundry saves you money and teaches you to be independent.

Your parents should teach you how to use a washing machine and also its buttons. Learn how to sort clothes based on color, set temperature settings, and observe minimum or maximum wash loads.

  • Grocery Shopping and Cooking

Sure, it is much more convenient when you opt for fast-food and takeaway options. But it is healthier and cheaper when you cook your meal. Learn how to shop for groceries and cook homemade food that will help you absorb energy for study. Start with a basic shopping list filled with nutritious food. You may also need to know how to get a good product for a lower price.

Solo living can be a challenging setup for new college students. Teach yourself more lessons by reading our articles here at MSM Unify.


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