How Social Media Impacts Your Scholarship Odds

How Social Media Impacts Your Scholarship Odds

Students today are very much hooked to their phones, selfies, and posts here and there. Although social media may seem nothing more than harmless fun, it can greatly impact your scholarship chances.

In a study by Kaplan Test Prep, they found out that 35% of college admissions officers look into applicants’ social networking profiles to learn more about them. In addition, 42% of these officers who check social media discovered information that affected an applicant’s chances in a bad way.


You need to avoid posting negative social media content, which includes vulgar language, illegal drug use, violence, sexual acts, and anything that may be offensive to anyone. If your account is full of unflattering content, it could cost you admission, scholarship, or even career opportunities.

But you can reverse this by using social media to your advantage. With proper usage, you can highlight your achievements online. Here are few ways on how to boost your scholarship chances through social media presence:

Clean Up Your Profile

You are what you post online. If you see posts that may seem inappropriate, immediately delete them. If you want a much easier job, just delete the account for a fresh start. Adjust your privacy settings so that your posts are only visible to friends. Another thing to see if you will build a good impression is by googling yourself. Make sure that what Google shows the searcher about you are all professional and appropriate details.

Be Mindful of What You Post

Monitor what should be posted on social media and what is not. Be careful in sharing posts that may be offensive or would put you in a bad light. If someone tagged you in a photo or video wherein you are caught in reckless behavior, ask for the photo or video to be deleted before it goes out of hand. Also, take note of your usernames. The simpler, the better.

Being mindful in sharing posts is common sense. Even if you are laughing hard in a racist cartoon, know that it is still an insensitive act. Try to be conservative in your posts and avoid arguing online. Sure, debating with friends can have its pros, but debating online can cost you big time.

Populate Your Profile With Positive Content

If you want your viewers to see you as someone who is a kind and professional person, try highlighting your achievements online. Post photos when you received that award in academics, a video of yourself giving back to the community, or just a genuine selfie under the sun. You can write long posts about how you learned to cook a certain dish or how you celebrated the holiday with your family. These posts radiate joy and are the best things that should be posted online.

Social media can be a powerful tool in shaping your future. Learn more tips about social media’s relation to your college admissions by reading our articles here at MSM Unify.

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