Do College Admissions Really Look Into Applicant’s Social Media?

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It has been a debate if college admissions panels look into a prospective student’s social media or not. In a Kaplan survey, 68% of admissions officers believe that viewing an applicant’s pages is “fair game.” After all, their profiles are public and it gives enough information for an officer about the applicant.

But the question is, do they look at your social media? The answer is yes.

A post on social media affects not only your chances of being accepted, but it can also lose your acceptance if an offensive post is found. One good example is when 10 then-accepted students were denied admission to Harvard when their wildly inappropriate Facebook group surfaced.

However, in recent years, admission officers who look into a student’s social media have lowered, according to Kaplan. In 2015, it was 40% but in 2019, it was just 29%.

This means you won’t know if an admissions officer will check your accounts. So, you have to stay safe to be sure. Try to be professional and avoid inappropriate remarks online. Be responsible in using the internet. Below are some things you can do to clean up your socials.

Mind Your Facebook and Twitter

When you have something you feel you want to post right away, think about it first a couple of times. Is it necessary and appropriate? An impulsive rant on Twitter may put you in a bad light. An offensive post on Facebook may not look good for a prospective student like you.

Just because you have the freedom of free speech does not mean you have to post everything. Many students have lost scholarships due to controversial statuses, photos, and videos. You surely don’t want to take that road. Be responsible on social media so you won’t risk your chances of getting into your chosen school.

Post YouTube Videos That Highlight Your Talents and Skills

Uploading videos on YouTube is one great way to showcase your talents, such as do-it-yourself tutorials, or step-by-step demos for art and dance. YouTube is a platform that will show how good you are at something, whatever that is.

You can even use your YouTube videos as a part of your college interview. College officers love creative and well-rounded applicants. See if you have posted in your channel anything that may work against you, something inappropriate that you may have said in the video.

What the admissions panel would like to see in an applicant’s profile is a simple, organized, clean, and professional social media page. Delete all unnecessary statuses and photos you have been keeping for years. Cut down the number of selfies you post.

Lastly, think before you post on social media. Be careful of the things you post as these can either make or break your chances in college.

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