Cleaning Up Your Social Media For College: A Step-By-Step Guide

Cleaning Up Your Social Media For College A Step By Step Guide.
Did you know that college admission panels look into your social media profiles? So, you have to clean up your pages before going into college or better, before sending your application. You wouldn’t want to create an unnecessary issue or build a bad impression once entering college. Listed are some of the steps that you must do:

Delete Any Questionable Content

If you think you may have posted a lot on your social media, now is the perfect time to go through it all. Clean up everything you find unprofessional and downright offensive. Don’t let these posts be the bane of your college life. Sure, you will feel ashamed about these posts, but getting rid of them now will prevent others from feeling embarrassed of you.

Inappropriate rants about school will not look good. Also, delete photos of you drinking alcohol or doing drugs. Remove everything that will put you in a bad light. Keep your feed professional that will impress others.

Lessen Selfies

There is nothing wrong with selfies, but you might want to cut down on the amount you post online. Excessive selfies may look like you’re narcissistic. Browse through your photos and let your favorite selfies remain. Discard all the inappropriate selfies, those with dirty fingers, for example. Try to build a lasting impression by showing candid and happy photos of yourself.

Edit Your Bio

You might think that cleaning up social media only involves posts and photos, but you forget another thing–your bios or “about me” sections. What you have to do is clean it up for grammatical errors and edit out inappropriate remarks.

Pages or groups that you might have liked can put you in a bad light. Find those that are inappropriate and unlike or unfollow them. Retweets should be monitored as well, even though they are other people’s words because these are part of your profile.

Now that you know these steps, make sure to do these on all your social media profiles, from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, to Pinterest, anything with your name on it. Cleaning up may take you some time, but it will be worth it.

Do not forget to think before you post online. Everything that you publish on social media can either make or break you. So, use it carefully. Or just put your profile in private to be sure and make things easier. Be responsible on the internet because everything you leave on social media will have a digital footprint.

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