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Career Opportunities for MBA Graduates in the US

Career Opportunities for MBA Graduates in the US

Career Opportunities for MBA Graduates in the US
As the United States and the rest of the world continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the job market remains volatile for fresh graduates. Coupled with the impact of immigration policies from the previous administration, international students in the US may find it more difficult to score a job after graduation.

2019 was a challenging year for most international graduates regardless of where they’re from, their university or college, and their area of study. On the other hand, corporate tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft were very active in hiring international graduates.

For international MBA graduates in the US, obtaining a work visa is necessary to get hired by a US employer. After acquiring a work visa, MBA graduates can have access to many career opportunities, including job roles that are highly demanded by companies currently recovering from business stagnation.

Work Visa for International MBA Graduates

There are two ways for foreign MBA graduates to obtain a post-study work visa in the US:

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Under OPT, the student is allowed to stay in the US temporarily for 12 more months post-graduation. There are two types of OPT:

  1. Pre-Completion OPT – A student is eligible for a pre-completion OPT after completing one academic year of studying in the US. Pre-completion OPT may authorize a student to work up to 20 hours per week while classes are in sessions, or full-time when classes are not in session.
  1. Post-Completion OPT – This can be used to get a post-study work visa upon completing the MBA program. A student must apply for a post-completion OPT 90 days before finishing the degree.

The OPT is approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to provide employment opportunities to international graduates.

H-1B Visa

Unlike OPT, the H-1B visa allows a student to stay for six more years upon completion of the MBA. If a US employer is hiring an international graduate, the student’s F-1 visa can be transferred to an H-1B visa.

This is also a great way to obtain permanent residency status in the US. If the student worked for the same employer for four continuous years, he/she can apply as a permanent resident on the 5th year of employment.

Careers for MBA Graduates in the US

International MBA graduates can apply for the following jobs in the US.

Database Administrator

The Employment rate for database administrator roles is expected to increase to 9% in 2028. A data administrator’s duties and responsibilities include the management of digital information, as well as keeping vital company data away from potential privacy violations and misuse. 

Financial Manager

In 2028, the employment rate for financial managers is expected to hike up to 16%. Financial managers overlook most business transactions involving the transfer, diversification, and safekeeping of finances. MBA graduates with concentrations in financial management and analysis are rarely unemployed as most businesses run on money.

Marketing Manager

The employment rate for marketing managers is expected to go up to 8% in 2028. Marketing managers help facilitate the creative introduction of a new product or service to an existing or new target market. In most cases, a marketing manager also determines product demand and the plausibility of a new business concept.

Other in-demand roles for MBA graduates are listed below:

  • Business Consultant
  • Investment Banker
  • Management Analyst 
  • Sales Director
  • Public Relations Director
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Accountant

International MBA graduates can get high-paying, in-demand jobs in the US. If you want to learn more about MBA programs and MBA jobs in the US, check out our articles here at MSM Unify.


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