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A Quick Guide to Studying in Russia

A Quick Guide to Studying in Russia

A Quick Guide to Studying in Russia

The higher education system in Russia is moving toward modernization. Recently, the Russian government has launched a “Project 5-100.” This project aims to bring five universities into the top 100 global university rankings.

Now, more than a dozen Russian universities are among the top 500 universities in the world. No wonder many international students want to pursue higher education in Russia.

If you have plans to fly to Russia and start your academic journey, here’s a quick guide to help you get started:

Why Study in Russia

The largest country in the world has more than just a vast landmass to boast. Surrounded by incredible mountains and spectacular beaches, Russia’s bewitching beauty is a must-see. 

Over the years, Russia has won the hearts of thousands of international students. Russian education is one of the world’s best, attracting students from different levels.

Some international students can receive support from the Russian state through scholarship grants. There are also short-term courses on the Russian language to help foreign students adapt to daily life.

Apart from the high standards of learning, Russia’s rich history and diverse culture make it an excellent spot for education. 

General Admission Process

The application process varies depending on your chosen Russian university or college. According to the Higher Education in Russia, here are the general steps to apply for a Russian university admission:

  1. Choose your university and program
  2. Discover financing opportunities (e.g. scholarships)
  3. Prepare and pack all necessary documents
  4. Undergo selection process
  5. Wait for an invitation to attend university then apply for a Russian student visa

Student Accommodation

There are two common types of student lodging in Russia: University dormitory and rental apartments.

Foreign students are provided with a dormitory place upon admission. This is the most affordable option, starting at only $6.5 up to $65 per month.

Dormitory rooms are usually shared by two to four students. Each room typically comes with closets, writing desks, and beds. 

University dormitories have communal kitchens, recreational spaces, and utility areas. Not only are they closer to the university, but they are often guarded by security personnel. 

If you want more freedom and privacy, you can opt for a rental apartment. These places are more expensive than dormitories and monthly rent is higher in major cities.

To save on expenses, you and your friends can stay in one apartment and share the space. You can also stay with a host family if it suits you.

In a major city like Moscow, the rent ranges from $428 to $500 per month. The cost is generally 50% cheaper in smaller cities like Novosibirsk.

Ask your university’s representative if they can help you find accommodation. Some universities assist in the student’s search for lodging space.

Leisure Activities

International students can explore more of Russia through different leisure activities. They are not just ways to pass the time but are also avenues to get familiar with customs and traditions.

There are social gatherings in Russia such as Days of National Cultures. At this event, international students can talk about the culture, tradition, and food in their home countries.

Students can also arrange hiking trips or join debate societies to foster rhetoric skills. Parties such as welcoming ceremonies are also a fun way to meet other students and make friends.

Studying in Russia can be a wonderful experience for you as an international student. If you want to learn more about application requirements, cost of living, and other accommodation options, browse through our articles here at MSM Unify. 


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