Why Your Friends Should Not Influence Your College Search

Why Your Friends Should Not Influence Your College Search e1645105983580

Here are compelling reasons to prove why:

Your Friends Are Not You

You are you because of your friends. They say you are who you spend time with. But a friendly reminder: they are not you. You are all different with the diverse interests and personalities you all have.

So, don’t let them decide for you. After all, you are the one that will enroll in the program. This may seem a simple decision, but a major one such as this will define your life and future.

Instead, ask these questions during the college search: What majors are you curious about? What goals do you have? Is your family financially capable of the college cost? Where do you want to go to school, close to home or a little farther?

College is a Big Step Forward

College is a life-changing phase in one’s life, and it is just understandable if you have to leave friends just for some time. You have to face the reality that high school friends may go their separate ways. So, you need to also go on your own. Make a circle of college strangers with the same hobbies and interests as you.

It may seem nerve-wracking at first, but college is sure to give you long-lasting friends along the way. Eventually, you will have to learn how to build a network and establish relationshipsā€”from classmates, roommates, org mates, to friends of friends. Don’t be sad, but focus on the exciting and thrilling part of collegeā€”making friends. Just make sure that the friends you get along with are those with good influences.

This is not to say that your high school friends will be ditched and replaced by the new ones that you will have. Think of it as an addition to the list of persons you love. If you miss your high school buddies, you may have to exert a little effort by sending them text messages, ringing them up, or Skype-calling them.

Focus Should Be On You

As cliche as this sounds, you have to follow your own path. Focus on you. Choose the college that best suits you, with excellent quality and a student-friendly environment, without the influence of your friends.

Some people refuse to tell their friends where they applied and got accepted until their friends decide on their own. As a result, it ended well. They didn’t let their friendship affect each other’s choices. They ended up attending the school that is perfect for them.

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