Why You Should Study IT in Russia

Why You Should Study IT in Russia

Information Technology (IT) refers to the use of hardware, software, and other supporting infrastructure in managing and delivering information through the use of various forms. These forms could be data, video, and voice. Through this process, different organizations use IT in solving their technological problems. 

The study of IT may include computer security, information systems management, and cybersecurity.

Why Study IT in Russia? 

We are now in the Digital Age. Almost every aspect of our lives is influenced or linked to information and technology. And due to technology changing at lightning speed, many organizations invest in IT infrastructure, and in people who manage and maintain it. Thus, IT job roles are some of the highest-paid occupations in many parts of the world now. 

IT processes also rely on a person’s creativity and problem-solving skills. Thus, IT students and professionals are given the opportunity to grow and use their skills to create major contributions in any organization or business.

If you want to increase your chances of working in Russia, you can take a program in IT, engineering or medicine. According to some Russian job search websites, there’s been a huge demand for programmers, data analysts, and technical specialists in the country. 

Being an in-demand profession, there‚Äôs a big chance that after graduating from a Russian higher education institution, IT students won‚Äôt even have to look for a job‚ÄĒemployers are more likely to seek them out.¬†

Moreover, graduates from top-notch Russian institutions will experience better career prospects wherever they want to work. International students will also have the chance to train and work in many leading international organizations. 

IT Programs in Russia 

Master’s in Cyber Security, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)

Graduates of MIPT automatically become members of academic communities known as Phystech Schools. Phystech Schools collaborate with different IT and industrial companies and research institutions to develop research facilities and on-campus laboratories to provide students with the best education. A master’s degree in cybersecurity in MIPT teaches the theoretical and practical application of modern cybersecurity methods to solve tech-related problems up to corporation level. 

Computer Systems Engineering and Informatics, Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University (ETU LETI)

ETU ‚ÄúLETI,‚ÄĚ which was established in 1886, was the first European university that specializes in electrical engineering. This two-year postgraduate program from the university presents the latest trends in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. It teaches professional training and expertise in information security, data mining, biometric technologies, applied and computational mathematics, and so on.¬†

Data Science Program, National University of Science and Technology MISIS

The university is hailed as one of the best technical institutions in Russia. Data science, in general, is becoming more in-demand in the world’s modern, digital societies. 

Moreover, the National University of Science and Technology’s data science program is taught in English and can be finished in two years. Students will learn various IT and computer science skills and knowledge such as machine learning, AI, operating environment innovative software systems, intelligent software in geological systems, and parallel programming. 

Study IT in Russia now by browsing through MSM Unify’s list of programs. If you are looking for ways to fund your education in Russia, check out MSM Unify’s article on how to apply for a scholarship abroad.


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