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Why Take Your Internship in Spain?

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Spain is a beautiful country that is filled with a rich culture and history. No wonder, it is a popular place for tourists and students alike.

However, did you know that Spain is also a good place to take your internship abroad? Spain has one of the largest GDPs in the world. It ranked 14th in World Bank’s 2017 data on country GDP. 

Aside from its booming economy, which is a good factor when looking for opportunities to intern abroad, here are other reasons why you should take your internship in Spain. 

It is One of the Best Countries To Intern Abroad 

Many websites, such as Go Overseas, Go Abroad, and Intern Abroad HQ have ranked Spain as one of the best countries to intern abroad. 

According to Intern Abroad HQ, Spain offers a wide range of internship opportunities in various fields, including: 

  • Finance
  • Business administration¬†
  • Law
  • Engineering¬†
  • Marketing and communication¬†
  • Medical and healthcare¬†
  • Education, and
  • Graphic design¬†

Aside from the number of opportunities Spain offers, interns also have the chance to earn up to EUR1,000 per month. 

It Has A Friendly Climate

Spain’s climate is also another reason why many people love to go there for their vacation. For foreign nationals who want to intern in Europe but came from warmer countries, Spain is a place where the climate is not far from what they are used to at home. 

No matter which time of the year you chose to intern, you are sure to experience a friendly climate in Spain. Spain’s weather is also inviting enough for enjoying and relaxing during your stay there. 

You Have the Chance to Learn One of the Most Spoken Language in the World

Another reason to intern in Spain is that you have the chance to learn one of the most spoken languages in the world, Spanish. 

According to Visual Capitalist, after Mandarin Chinese, Spanish is the next most spoken language in the world in terms of its native speakers. There are more Spanish native speakers than English native speakers in the world. 

Learning Spanish means you have bigger opportunities to continue working in Spain if you chose to or work in many other countries that speak the language. Also, if you choose to create your own business, you have the chance to increase your market to Spanish-speaking countries and people. 

It Makes Your CV More Attractive 

Generally, an internship abroad is a good way to make your CV more attractive to future employers because the experience you get abroad helps you develop the soft skills that are crucial to many companies now. These skills include better problem-solving skills, observation skills, communication, and networking skills. In addition, those who study and work abroad are more confident with themselves, more creative, and open to innovation and progress. 

When you take your internship in Spain, you are exposed to the country’s culture, which can help you develop a greater understanding of its practices, customs, and ideals. If you want to learn more about Spain, including the culture shocks that foreign students experience when first arriving in the country, check our articles here at MSM Unify.


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