Why Engaging With Faculty is Beneficial For College Applicants

Why Engaging with Faculty is Beneficial For College Applicants 1

Interacting with a faculty will offer you a different perspective and a firsthand look at the school’s culture. Get a glimpse of how faculties are passionate about the course they teach and see how faculty socialize with the students.

Students and teachers can establish long-lasting relationships. They may even craft your letters of recommendation for your grad school or be a reference for your job application.

Engaging with a teacher or two will certainly set you apart from other applicants. But how can you start interacting with them during the college search? Below are some steps.

Request a Meeting

First, ask the faculty member if he or she is available for a meeting. For some schools, this is a simple task as they can easily designate professors to applicants. At other colleges, you may need your admission counselor to schedule a meeting for you.

Do Your Research

It is best to look into the faculty you’ll meet with through the school’s website. There, you will see the faculty member’s basic information and teaching expertise. Remember the professor’s title and take note of it. Be respectful when you meet them and use their title with the utmost respect.

Then, share why you want to enroll in the university and discuss the major you’re interested in. Tell stories about classes that you enjoy in the professor’s area of study.

Prepare Questions

Professors are very much ready to answer all your questions so prepare the best that you can think of. Having a question shows that you are interested to learn more.

Ask them about the favorite course they teach or what they like the most about college students. These types of questions will show the passion that they have for the students and the discipline.

Make them share their previous students’ stories and accomplishments. Professors love to brag about their students’ successes, may it be small or big. This will give you a glimpse of how they turn students into achievers, of how they let students develop into the best version that they could be.

Before the meeting, check the questions if they are appropriate and not indicated on the school’s website. Question faculty members according to their specialty. For example, scholarship questions should be reserved for financial aid officers.

Follow Up

After your campus visit and meeting, send a gratitude email to the faculty member for making time. If your final decision is to enroll in the college, let the faculty member know that you are in. Tell them how great they helped you to come up with the decision.

Lastly, when you’re on campus, never be a stranger. When you come across the professor that you’ve met on the campus visit, say hi and let the relationship be established.

The college admissions process is a stressful and tiring task. To help you get information about this phase, read our other articles here at MSM Unify.


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