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What’s the Salary of an MBA Graduate in the US?

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Fortunately, to reclaim lost financial stability due to the pandemic, US companies are actively looking to fill gaps in their operations that demand the expertise and experience of an MBA graduate.

In 2020, the US News reported that the average starting annual salary for MBA graduates is around $79,000. This figure can go even higher depending on other factors such as the industry, the job role, and the city you’ll be working in.

To give you a good grasp of how much MBA graduates earn, we collected data and information to assist you in landing the right job with great wages. 

MBA Salary Based on Industry

Depending on your chosen industry, your salary could go from $74,000 up to $140,00 per year. Other non-business sectors like entertainment, media, and real estate, also offer MBA graduates a six-figure annual salary.

 Here are some of the highest paying industries in the US arranged in ascending order:

Industry Average Annual Salary
Government $74,825
Human Resources $92,046
Transportation and Logistics $100,726
Manufacturing $102,867
Consumer Packaged Goods $108,328
Energy $108,547
Retail $115,370
Technology $120,784
Financial Services $130,000
Consulting  $140,187

Average MBA Salary by University

It’s easy to reap the financial benefits of earning an MBA regardless of which school you attended. However, it is evident that graduates from top-ranked business schools get paid relatively more.

Another great indicator of your salary as an MBA graduate is the university where you took your MBA. It doesn’t only give your resume an exponential impact, but also gives your salary a boost.

Here’s a quick look at the average annual MBA salary in top US universities:

Business School Average Annual Salary
Northwestern University (Kellogg) $168,924
University of Chicago (Booth) $173,438
New York University (Stern) $173,513
Columbia University $175,725
Harvard University $176,928
Stanford University $180,831
University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) $181,927

High-Paying MBA Jobs

An MBA gives you access to many high-paying jobs in the US. We selected some of the highest paying MBA jobs for you to consider:

Job Role Average Annual Salary
Strategy Manager $121,464
Director of Business Development $105,883
Senior Product Manager $128,639
Finance Manager $120,000
Management Consultant $123,000
Marketing Director $121,000
Information Technology Director $147,000
Operations Manager $84,000
Chief Financial Officer $18,.000

Estimated Annual Salary Based on City

The city you’ll be working in also determines your wage. Here is the average annual salary for MBA jobs in some major cities in the US:

City  Average Annual Salary
Atlanta, Georgia $50,920 – $118,139
Houston, Texas $52,881 – $120,018
Chicago, Illinois $53,722 – $126,980
Boston, Massachusetts $59,810 – $133,594
New York, New York $56,332 – $141,722

It’s only reasonable to want a high-paying job after earning your MBA. For more updates and stories about pursuing an MBA and landing an MBA job in the US, read out articles here at MSM Unify


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