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What Clothes Should You Bring When You Study in Switzerland?

What Clothes Should You Bring When You Study in Switzerland

Packing up your suitcase for Switzerland seems like a simple task but it can be confusing. Do you need a thermal jacket or would a thick shirt suffice? Is a formal dress necessary or would a sundress do?

Choosing the right type of clothing is important for various reasons. For starters, it prepares you for the changing Swiss climate. Plus, it gives you the confidence to flaunt your sense of fashion.

Whether it’s for protection or style (or both!), clothing is crucial for your stay and study in Switzerland. Read on to find out what clothes you need to bring to Switzerland:

Clothes to Pack for Classes

  • Top: Some Swiss universities may have a dress code for students. It’s best to check these rules before packing up. In general, t-shirts, sweaters, button-downs, and blouses are great for classes. As long as your top doesn’t violate any of the school’s dress rules, wear what you’re comfortable with.
  • Bottom: Jeans and skirts are a great option. It can be in any type of fabric as long as it provides great coverage. During hot seasons, light pants and skirts are better. In the cold months, opt for thicker yet cozy bottoms.
  • Shoes: Women can bring heels, sturdy flats, sneakers, closed sandals, and boots. If your classes are full, wear something comfortable for the heel area. Men can bring casual sneakers, letter shoes, ankle boots, and loafers. Make sure to wear the right footwear depending on the rest of your outfit. 

Clothes to Pack for Travel and Adventure

  • Top: If you’re out for a winter adventure, pack some thick clothing. Bring thermal jackets, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, sweaters and coats. Don’t forget other accessories such as scarves and mittens.
  • Bottom: Any bottom that’s thick enough to keep you warm but snug enough to let you move. Consider taking thermal underwear too.
  • Shoes: Depends on where you’re going. Running shoes are comfortable, but bring hiking shoes if you’re going to trek mountain trails. 

Clothes for Formal Events and Parties

  • Top: Coats for men and dresses for women. Depending on the event’s theme, you may bring either casual or formal attire. Men can wear a simple plain shirt underneath a formal coat. Women can go for longer dresses for more sophisticated gatherings.
  • Bottom: Pants or slacks in any color, and skirts at different lengths and styles. A mini skirt may go well for a simple party but not at formal events.
  • Shoes: Women can pack some pairs of high heels. Sandals and sneakers wouldn’t cut it unless it’s a casual event. Men can wear loafers and leather shoes for a more professional look. But a nice pair of sneakers or converse may also look nice with a formal suit. 

It’s best not to overpack for your stay. A couple of comfy shirts and bottoms will do. In case of an event, you can opt to shop in Switzerland so you can have more choices.

Clothing is essential to gear you up for your stay in Switzerland. Look for more relevant stories here at MSM Unify.


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