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Ways How to Improve French Vocabulary

Why You Should Study the French Language in France

French, like any other language, is composed of words. French is a language that you’ll want to learn when you start studying in France. In this article, you’ll find a variety of tips to assist you in your efforts to improve your knowledge of French vocabulary.

Understand the Genders

Each French noun has a gender, which is one of the most important aspects of the language to take note of.¬† Memorization is all you need to know about the gender of most words in French, even if there are a few patterns to look out for. As a result, the key to learning which words are masculine or feminine is to include an article in all of your vocabulary lists. Instead of just ‘chaise,’ write ‘une chaise’ or ‘la chaise’ (chair). Having the gender included in a word makes it easier to identify later when you’re using it.

When dealing with so-called dual-gender nouns, this is an especially critical consideration. There are dozens of French word pairs with different connotations based on whether they are masculine or feminine.

Unexpected Encounters

There’s a good chance you’ll learn plenty of new words while reading in French. When reading a story, even if you don’t fully comprehend every word, you may not be capable of understanding it if those words aren’t in the dictionary. As a result, you get a few options:

  • Learn the definition of the words after you’ve highlighted them.
  • Make a list of the words and then look them up later.
  • Look them up as you read.

Moreover, a bunch of new words can be learned when you listen. Writing down the phrase or sentence is a good idea to get a better grasp of the meaning.

Apply and Practice your French Vocabulary

You’ll need to put your newly acquired knowledge of French into practice. Practice helps you to find just the correct word once you speak and write and to understand when you listen or read. To help you become more comfortable with the language, you should try activities that may seem tedious or silly but are beneficial.

Invest in a Good Dictionary

You should definitely consider upgrading if you’re still using one of those pocket dictionaries. Having a bigger French dictionary is better than having a small one.

Speak it Aloud

Say new words out loud as you read them in a book, newspaper, or French lesson. While seeing new words is advantageous, speaking them out loud provides additional practice in both speaking and hearing the sound of each word.

Stick Post-its and Label them

Everywhere you go, put stickers or post-it notes on everything. This way, you’ll be around French all the time. Placing post-it notes have also proven helpful in helping you remember ambiguous terms that you’ve looked up in your dictionary.

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