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Top Universities for International Students in France

Top Universities for International Students in France

In addition, France is renowned for its education system with its top-notch universities. Here is a list of the best universities to enroll in if you’re planning to study in France:

Paris Sciences et Lettres Université

Considered the best university in France for international students, the Paris Sciences et Lettres Université (PSL Research University) was built as a merger of five institutions, as well as a normal school, an institute in engineering, and an observatory. The university holds 11 constituent schools through various academic disciplines. It ranks among the highest in subjects such as Ecology, Mathematics, and Physics. It also consistently ranks among the major university rankings in research and teaching. PSL is known for producing famous thinkers such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Louis Pasteur, and Michel Foucault.

École Polytechnique

Founded in 1974 as a military academy, École Polytechnique is today’s one of the best French universities for international students. It is one of the most selective in the country, known as grandes écoles. It is a multidisciplinary institution engaging in the field of Science and Technology including Humanities and Social Sciences. International students are also attracted to the school’s entrepreneurial spirit that offers broad opportunities to them. The prestigious institution has lessened the military impression with time and continues to be reputable in its own expertise.

Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University is a fresh university, only established in 2018 as a public research university and became a merger of other institutions in France. The university’s roots trace back to the college of Sorbonne, which served as an institution for disadvantaged school children in 1201. Currently, the institution retains its name as a reminder of its capability to provide excellent education. Studies in the university are highly renowned not just in France but around the globe. It is popular for its extensive scientific collections in minerals, neurology collections, and wax anatomical items, among others.

University of Paris

With a longstanding legacy in Theology and Philosophy, the University of Paris is one of the oldest universities in France. In fact, the university, along with the University of Bologna, awarded the first-ever doctorate in the world. At present, this top-notch university offers courses in several fields such as Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Medicine, and Arts, Humanities, and Languages. A nice blend of history and modernity is manifested in the institution’s approach to research and teaching. It stretches around 14 campuses in Paris while sustaining an international outlook with many global partnerships.

Paris-Saclay University

This university is part of the academic and business cluster of Paris-Saclay, focusing on training and research. It is notable in terms of Science and Technology and holds over 300 research units managed by its doctoral schools. Paris-Saclay University consists of five facilities: Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, Law, Economics and Management, and Sports Sciences. This grande école holds the world’s top spot in subject ranking in Mathematics, and 9th in Physics. The institution also belongs to the Agriculture and Medicine’s top 25. They also focus on research about planetary science, communication sciences, and electrical engineering. International students choose this school as it highlights students from different backgrounds in its master’s and doctorate studies.

There are many more universities in France that deliver top-quality education. We hope that we helped you choose where you would like to study.

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