Tips To Improve Your Employability as an International Graduate

Tips To Improve Your Employability as an International Graduate e1645456512703

International graduates magnet countless opportunities upon earning their degrees. But at a time of extreme uncertainty, improving employability seems like a shot in the dark.

Still, it’s necessary to ensure that your efforts don’t end in futility. As the world continues to recover from a health crisis, you need a safety net. And nothing guarantees peace of mind more than a stable job in a volatile economy.

Improving your employability propels you to potential employers anywhere in the world. As an international graduate, here are some tips you can try:

Make a Compelling Work and Education History

You write your own work and education history that would make you an irresistible candidate in the future. With that in mind, make sure the path you make is aligned with your dream career.

Companies reserve job roles for qualified individuals. They look for candidates with the right educational and professional history.

Your chances of landing the job are slim if you don’t have what they’re looking for. Make sure that you have the fitting study and work experience for the job.

Present Evidence of Your Technical and Soft Skills

Stating your set of skills won’t be enough. In an extremely competitive job market, you must also prove them.

A great way to do this is to include certifications and a list of achievements in your CV. These demonstrate that you can apply your skills in certain situations.

Highlight Your Experience as a Volunteer

If you’re lined among equally talented applicants, how do you find a way to stand out? Volunteer work might just pull you out of the commonplace and give you an edge.

If you were a volunteer in the past, leverage that experience in your application. Remember to cite key responsibilities and relevant skills you’ve gained.¬†

Create an Exceptional CV

In one way or another, everybody is looking for the secrets to writing an impressive CV. The truth is, it’s only as impressive as it is authentic.

Craft your CV in a way that reflects your personality, sense of professionalism, and goals. Your goal must not be to overload them with information about you. It must be to tease them with enough details to be discussed at a later stage. 

Know the Basics of Getting Letters of Recommendations

Letters of recommendation are essential to making a persuasive application. Simply put, these are documents where someone vouches for your talent.¬† Since you don’t have full control of the outcome, it’s difficult to maneuver the results in the way that you want.¬†

Consult the basics of getting letters of recommendation first. Also, remember to choose the right referees to speak for your skills. 

Prepare for an Interview

No matter how confident you are in getting the job, preparing for the interview is still crucial. You don’t know a thing about the interviewer but they’ve already learned a thing or two about you (through your CV and letters of recommendation). They have the upper hand in this situation, and they can pull out questions that may catch you off guard.

Doing job interview basics can go a long way. Remember key phrases, research the company, and practice your answers. These are simple techniques, but they can give you the boost you need. 

Improving your employability is essential to secure your professional life in these trying times. If you want to find a job as soon as you graduate, use our articles here at MSM Unify as a reference. We have plenty of blogs to guide you through your journey.


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