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Things You Need to Do if You’re Waitlisted for College

Things You Need to Do if You’re Waitlisted for College

Questions That Will Help You Narrow Down Your College List

We understand your frustration. After waiting for a long time to receive a decision, you’ll only know you get waitlisted. You might think that this is unfair after all the time and energy you’ve put into college. It may also be an emotional time for you, and receiving this notice will not help.

On the brighter side, you still have the chance to get into that particular college. You just came short but never failed.

Seriously, what would you do when this became your situation? Here are some ways and strategies for your next move when you’re on the waitlist for college:

Be persistent

Now is not the time to feel down. It is likely for you to be tempted to take a year off from school and just apply again the next year. Hold off on this idea—you wouldn’t want to take this route. Avoid going down this road.

A good option here is to attend school in a less prestigious school or your second-choice school then transfer to your first-choice school the next year. This way, you won’t be wasting a year that should be for studying. Study and perform well in class, so your transfer to the ones you like would be an easy task.

Keep communication open

Immediately respond to that school that put you on the waiting list. Email them your intention of entering that school without uncertain terms. Share with them some reasons why you still believe that the school is the perfect school for you.

Show that you are willing and interested. Request for an interview, even a virtual interview can make a big difference. Showcase what you will offer to the school by impressing them with your latest achievements.

While in this process, do not forget to take care of your GPA. This will be a crucial factor in whether they will confirm your admission.

Consider retaking your SAT or ACT

See if your admissions office accepts additional application materials such as new test scores or final grades. If you already submitted your SAT score with your application, try to consider taking an ACT. More and more students are giving a try to take both these tests.

Deposit at another school

Being waitlisted would feel like you’re on the verge of something. You’ll never know if they will call you or not. And what you may need to do is to deposit on your second-choice school. Put down the deposit even if it might turn to nothing if you’re later accepted to that school that waitlisted you. This way, you are assured that you will go somewhere. You won’t have a hard time finding schools to enroll in when the admissions deadline comes to a close.

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