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Things To Buy and Pack Before Studying Abroad

Things To Buy and Pack Before Studying Abroad

Things To Buy and Pack Before Studying Abroad
If you will be studying abroad, chances are you will feel overwhelmed by all the preparation: stuff to pack, things to buy, etc. Speaking of the latter, here are some things you should remember to buy when preparing for your journey abroad.

Portable charger

A portable charger is essential to save your social life once you arrive in the country. This is a convenient tool to maintain your phone’s battery. Also, search about your flight’s airplane whether it has in-flight chargers, those USB ones.


In this day and age, who doesn’t own a smartphone? Some people even have an extra one for entertainment purposes such as reading e-books, watching movies, listening to music, and playing online games. If you’re planning on getting an extra one abroad, take note of its cost, availability of mobile plan, and so on.

Universal power adapter

While some countries have a bunch of diverse power outlets, when you have a universal power adapter, you need not worry. Just don’t forget its connector that you will be using for gadgets like smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Gadgets with apps

If you are bringing tech with you, make sure that you have downloaded maps, music, games, guides, movies, and other pastimes apps. These are helpful to keep you entertained for a bit. Yes, it is cool to explore around, but sometimes you need a little alone time with a device.


When you arrive in your destination country and you haven’t planned your lunch yet, a healthy snack such as a granola bar can satiate you until you can have a proper meal. Nutritious snacks like these make your mind and body healthy, matched with enough energy to keep exploring the country.


It is much easier to travel around places when you have a backpack with you. It has to be big enough to accommodate your travel essentials like a water bottle, sunblock, snacks, extra clothing, and laptop.


You’ll never know when the rain will start pouring, so it is better to prepare yourself when the rain comes. Keep it lightweight, this gives you protection while not giving you that much hassle. If you will be studying in Asia or Europe, know that this is a must-have as rain is more frequent in such regions.


In case of emergency, bringing essential medicine is a lifesaver. From headache medicine, anti-diarrheal pills, to band-aids, make sure to put them in your luggage.

Travel journal

Keeping a journal about your travels is an intimate activity. A travel journal helps relive memories in writing, especially the many firsts that you will encounter.

Personal care products

Hygiene essentials such as toiletries, body care, and oral care products should also have space in your bag. Buy items that you will need for your personal care, such as feminine hygiene products, perfume or cologne, hand sanitizer, and skincare products. Make sure that these are well thought out, based on the country’s restricted item and liquid limit.

Other necessary items

Other items that you may need are comfortable shoes, a camera, a business outfit, and a piece of clothing or accessory that will express who you truly are. Be comfortable with what you pack and make sure that these are what you will need.

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