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Studying Abroad Checklist: Before, During Departure, Upon Arrival

Studying Abroad Checklist Before During Departure Upon Arrival.

8-12 Months Before

  • Talk to people, from family, friends, counselors, to professors. Ask them about their experiences about college or their study abroad, if they did.
  • Meet your advisors. Consult them about what programs would fit you that match your interests. Having a session with them gives a first look at your plan after graduating and the credits you could take abroad.
  • Explore programs that you’re curious about and interested in. Research on these.
  • Have an appointment with your financial aid advisor to talk about the study cost and funding available.
  • Start asking for letters of recommendation to the people that would say positive things about you.
  • Apply to your preferred program.
  • Look into scholarships, loans, and financial assistance. Apply to them.

4-8 Months Before

  • Apply for needed requirements such as passport and visa.
  • Explore more about the study destination’s culture. Read articles to learn more. Learn basic languages.
  • Apply for a credit card that will be accepted in your chosen country.
  • Look into flight prices and research when it is best to book a flight.

1-4 Months Before

  • Get a check-up with a travel physician. This ensures that you are fit and healthy to live abroad.
  • Book your flight.
  • Arrange everything that you will leave behind, from your bills to pets.
  • Inform people about your departure.
  • Ask about your medical insurance.

Weeks Before

  • Consult your doctor about the amounts of prescriptions that you will need abroad.
  • If needed, stock up on contact lenses and eyeglasses.
  • Finalize your medical insurance plan.
  • Search phone plan options.
  • Set an appointment with your study abroad advisors to check whether everything is finalized.
  • Purchase a power adapter.

1 Week Before

  • Produce copies of the following documents:
    • Passport
    • Visa
    • Student ID
    • Driver’s License
    • Credit cards
  • Contact your bank that you will be abroad.
  • Exchange money with local currency used in the study destination.
  • Confirm flight
  • Pack

Night Before Departure

  • Verify and check your flight, boarding passes, etc.
  • Be sure that your things are ready to carry. Prepare your clothes, toiletry, contacts, boarding pass, passport, identification cards, and wallet.

Day of Departure

  • Come to the airport a few hours before your scheduled flight, ideally three hours.
  • Be alert. Know what you need to do upon arrival. Do you have a pickup service from the airport? Do you need to get a SIM card?

Upon Arrival

  • Send your family a message that you arrived safely.
  • Attend orientations about the program or university that you will be pursuing. This makes you familiar with the teachers, classmates, and surroundings of the school.
  • If you experience culture shock, let it be. Acknowledge that things can affect you, and these are all part of the adjustment.

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