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Student Accommodation Options in Spain

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Scoring the perfect student accommodation is vital to most international students. Most especially when they’re studying in a country with incorruptible beauty.¬†

Students in Spain need accommodation with comfort and privacy. It must also give enough freedom to let them roam the charismatic cities of the country.

Fortunately, Spain’s safe environment enables this. What’s left for international students to do is commit to a place and move in.

Curious about your living space options in Spain? Read through to find student accommodations in Spain:


If you prefer to stay on-campus, dormitory housing is the right accommodation for you. And it’s a great choice for many reasons.¬†

For one, it’s within campus grounds, making security and surveillance tighter. It’s also among the cheapest options for accommodation.¬†

Staying in a dormitory gives you the chance to meet other students and make friends. You won’t even have to worry about transportation either.

However, since universities manage these dorms, you have to abide by their rules. There may be curfew hours and other regulations. This may affect you if you want to travel more often to Spain.

Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are a popular choice among foreign students. These are places you often book before you arrive in Spain.

Often referred to as extended-stay hotels, studio apartments have all the essentials. It has a pleasant space plus other important utilities. 

A studio apartment is more suited to students living on their own. They can expect a bedroom, kitchenette, living space, and a couple of furnishings.

You can rent a studio apartment for 30 days or 12 months. Note that it’s more expensive than a dormitory. You must prepare to spend more to get this kind of comfort and privacy.

Apartments or Flats

Renting an apartment or flat is great for those staying with roommates. Most apartments offer more than one bedroom, making space sharing possible.

You can usually find apartments along with townhouses. However, finding one can be difficult. 

You can secure a flat through a real estate agent. These agents often have a comprehensive listing of available flats.

Things get a bit tougher if you’re in a major city like Madrid. Apartment vacancies in those cities fill up quickly. So you have to start finding a place as early as you can.


Want to truly immerse in the exciting Spanish culture? Staying with a host family is a fantastic choice.

Many families in Spain volunteer to host foreign students. They often cover some of the student’s small expenses. In exchange, the foreign student is expected to help in the house.

Homestays are a form of cultural exchange too. You learn from your host family and vice versa. You can also ask them if there are cultural specifics that mystify you.

Staying with a host family is like having a second family in Spain. You’ll feel less lonely and having a family around you just makes things a lot better.¬†

Already found an accommodation that’s right for you? Take us with you in your study journey and use our stories here at MSM Unify to learn more. 


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