STEM Degrees in the US for International Students

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The United States was the first in the world to implement educational policies on STEM degrees. Consequently, STEM degrees have high demand in the country, however, there’s a shortage of students enrolled in STEM fields. 

The US is inclined to adding more STEM-trained professionals into its workforce. In fact, in 2012, they expanded and changed student and work visa requirements for foreign students in STEM programs. 

The US Department of Labor has reported an employment increase for professionals in STEM. Additionally, STEM careers in the country are also among the highest paying jobs.

What are STEM Degrees?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is concerned with a variety of subjects that stretch across these four areas of knowledge. 

Subjects in STEM are often integrated and interconnected to each other. In effect, these areas often have many similarities in terms of skills. These include strong analytical skills, technical knowledge, precision, and problem-solving. 


Science is the body of knowledge that examines many areas including the human body, living organisms, the environment, and more. Science subjects typically include Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Ecology among others. 

Under Science, you can apply for various bachelor’s degree programs. Some of the more popular ones are Bachelors in Biology and Bachelors in Chemistry.

Your bachelor’s degree can also be a bridging mechanism for other programs such as medicine. You’ll also find careers as a Medical Scientist, Clinical Researcher, and Biologist. 


With the advent of technology in today’s age, tech jobs are consistently in high demand in the US. It covers many areas including computer programming, data analytics, prototyping, and machine learning.

Technology has been ingrained into our lives and is continuously moving forward to make it better. Some degrees in tech include Bachelor in Computer Science, Bachelor in Electronics, and Bachelor of Information Technology. 

Job roles with those degrees include Software Developer, Systems Analyst, Network Architect and UX Designer. 


Engineering highlights the power of creation and the human capability to invent. Moreover, it is a process of transforming ideas into useful outcomes.

If you have a passion for both maths and sciences, engineering might be for you. This subject is also for students who are interested in complex machines, problem-solving, and material processing, 

Degrees in Engineering covers over 20 field specializations. These include Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering, and Bachelors in Industrial Engineering,


Mathematics is an integral discipline in every area of knowledge. It is a foundational discipline that has allowed men to understand the world and what’s beyond. 

Subjects in mathematics include calculus, algebra, and geometry. If you are interested in numeral patterns and computations, consider taking a Bachelors in Mathematics.

With a degree in Mathematics, you can find careers as a Mathematician, Economist, Statistician, and Accountant. These are job roles that you can find across many industries.

The demand for STEM-trained professionals in the US makes it a top study destination for international students. Browse our programs here at MSM Unify to find more degrees abroad.


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