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Russian Festivals Every Student Must Experience

Russian Festivals Every Student Must Experience

Russian Festivals Every Student Must Experience
Pasted Image 0It is true that you can get a real taste of a country’s culture during the festival season. A lot of tourists schedule their trips to Russia during the most famous Russian festivals. May it be a national festival or a music festival, Russia is an exciting place to visit.

Being the world’s largest country by area, Russia is definitely a place full of diverse festivals and locals that you can get along with. Regardless of background, you can immerse yourself in the country with your friends from school.

Have a look at some of the festivals that you must visit in Russia:

Maslenitsa Festival

During Maslenitsa, you can see pancakes everywhere for the whole week, which gave it the nickname pancake festival. Maslenitsa celebrates the end of winter and the dawn of spring. It happens every February or the start of March. There are carnival-like celebrations everywhere during the entire week. Friendship cakes are made because the festival marks the last days to consume milk and eggs. You will also witness the burning session of a straw structure called Lady Maslenitsa.

The New Year

The New Year is one of Russia’s most important festivals. You will be captivated by the amazing fireworks display at the Red Square during the New Year countdown. There are feasts, parties, and open-air festivals in parks where you can celebrate the start of the new year while singing and dancing.

Orthodox Christmas

Russia is a unique country when it comes to celebrating Christmas, since Russians do not celebrate it on December 25. Instead, they start celebrating the upcoming Christmas festivals after the New Year celebration. Held on January 7, you will witness the whole country being decorated, from parks, bridges, to every public place, lit beautifully. It is best to visit Russia at this time to maximize the moment. So if you are a fan of Christmas, you can celebrate it for the second time in Russia.

Victory Day

Russia celebrates the end of World War II through Victory Day that involves many patriotic sentiments in remembrance of the Soviet Union’s victory. Victory Day is being celebrated on May 9. Parades and fireworks are done by the military. Some segments also show the military’s war tanks, missiles, and equipment in the Red Square while military planes fly in the sky.

Moscow International Film Festival

Russia also holds a festival for cinephiles. The Moscow International Film Festival was first held in 1935 where the world-famous filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein headed the jury. Since then, it has become a regular event where the best picture wins the coveted Golden George.

Studying abroad can be stressful. One good way to both de-stress and make the most out of the country’s culture is to celebrate festivals.

Learn more about the many activities you can do while studying in Russia by reading our articles here at MSM Unify.


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