New Rules in Hospitality and Tourism Management in the Post-Pandemic World

New Rules in Hospitality and Tourism Management in the Post Pandemic World

While the hospitality and tourism management industry is reporting demand that is far from normal, managers still have to help develop operational solutions to appease travelers as the world economy moves toward a path of recovery.

Digitize and use low-touch or contactless technologies

Utilize new technologies in booking procedures. To reduce contact with guests, implement cashless transactions, and adapt low-touch technologies from using disinfectants to self-service solutions via mobile phones. Managers can also prevent crowds in lobbies by creating tools for check-in/check-out and concierge services on an app.

To solve the problem of sanitizing key cards, managers can also allow guests to use their own mobile devices for keyless room entry. Other contactless solutions include adding an in-room voice-activated assistant to control the thermostat and the lights. An app can also take care of requesting toiletries and communicating problems. 

Comply with health protocols

Adherence to health protocols is the best selling point of any operating business these days. Make sure that the whole team is on the same page when wearing protective gear, washing hands, and sanitizing items in the establishment.

Hospital and tourism management also involves making sure everyone from guests and staff are protected from virus transmission. Make sure everyone complies with wearing facial masks, and when necessary, gloves. Place disinfectants in strategic positions so the guests and the staff will be prompted to wash their hands.

As managers, assess which jobs can be done remotely. Teleworking can help minimize the risk of transmission in the workplace. For offices and concierge, have plexiglass boards installed to protect both the staff and the guests. Physical distancing of about 1 meter should be followed, as recommended by the World Health Organization. The staff, who should be role models of safety, should avoid hugging and shaking hands.

Isolate sick staff and guests

Prepare a room where you can send sick staff who show signs of COVID-19 at work. Make sure they have access to disposable tissues and an appropriate waste bin. Contact the local health authority for instructions.

Meanwhile, if a guest develops symptoms during their stay, the WHO advises keeping the sick person isolated in a room or at least 1 meter away from others. Contact the local health authority as well for further directions.

It is recommended that all travelers and staff should go through temperature checks and present a negative result of the COVID-19 test, especially those who traveled from a different island or country.

Everyone is slowly adapting to a ‘new normal,’ with new protocols being followed by certain industries. To learn more about the hospitality and tourism management industry, read more articles from MSM Unify.


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