Must-Do Things in Spain for International Students

Must Do Things in Spain for International Students
Studying in a place far from home can be challenging and fun at the same time. Aside from learning from world-class universities, more adventures await you in Spain. The country is a nation of 17 diverse regions, a mirror of how Spain is a kaleidoscope of stunning sceneries and vibrant culture. As early as now, list down your Spain bucket list because you will be checking it off in no time.

Some popular go-to’s in the country are Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia—cities that always have something good to offer. Make the most out of this Spanish experience and explore this beautiful Mediterranean nation beyond the familiar landmarks.

We have provided some must-do’s in Spain to make your college experience an unforgettable one.


Spain is a vibrant country filled with festivals and sports events. Join the world’s biggest tomato fight during La Tomatina, go to carnivals before the celebration of Lent and Holy Week, or see brawling bulls in the Pamplona Bull Run.

In terms of art, Spanish artists such as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí are very much honored in the country. You can sight Spanish architecture that traces back its roots to ancient times. Take in the scenery from prehistoric landmarks, Roman ruins, Gothic cathedrals, and modern monuments.

Make sure to bring your camera while roaming around Spain. Some attractions that will surely be Instagram-worthy are Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia, Alhambra palace, and the lush gardens of Alcazar.

Tons of museums are free to visit while others give discounts to students. Discover the Spanish heritage through these museums.

Going Out

Once you go out and immerse yourself in Spanish culture, you can never go back. With great influences from the landscape and way of life, probably one of the must-dos in Spain is experiencing its cuisine. You can savor Spanish foods such as paella, which is likely the most popular Spanish dish, as well as tortilla, gazpacho, calamari, and churro.

If you are a party-goer and looking for a dancefloor, the country’s nightlife will leave you wanting for more. Madrid and Barcelona are cities popular for students who want to experience an exciting nightlife.

You can also go to one of the bars in a Spanish city where you can enjoy drinks and snacks such as tapas or pinchos. It is a custom that tapas be included in a drink’s price or offered at a discount. These bars are not only for alcohol drinking but are also a meeting place for other fun activities such as watching a soccer match, or simply catching up with a friend with a cup of coffee.

Since you are a student who may have a tight budget, Spain has other cheaper options than those fancy restaurants. You can learn how to cook a Spanish dish as it consists of a variety of healthy vegetables, fruit, fish, and other spices. This is not only an inexpensive way of living in Spain but also a healthy one.

Spanish people are known for taking up siesta between 2 to 4 pm. Most shops are closed around these times, meaning, it gives you more time to prepare where to go in the country.

Discover Spain and why it is picked by many international students. Read more of our articles here at MSM Unify to learn more.


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