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Landmarks and Attractions in Canada That You Shouldn’t Miss

Landmarks and Attractions in Canada That You Shouldn’t Miss

Landmarks and Attractions in Canada That You Shouldn’t Miss

What constitutes an international student’s education are academics, exploration, and experience. These three things are vital to make a learner’s journey worthwhile and rewarding.

If you’ll be studying in Canada, there are a few things that you need to know before packing your bags 

First, the essentials: your requirements, pre-departure checklist, and safety equipment. Second, traveling opportunities: adventures, cuisine, and attractions to visit during breaks.

Fortunately, Canada is home to many cultural landmarks and attractions that are now a staple of Canadian life. If you want to learn more about the country’s history, take a day or two to experience their tourist sites. 

For your stay as a student in Canada, here are landmarks and attractions that you shouldn’t miss:

Art Galleries and Museums

Museums and art galleries in Canada are a great way to experience the country’s diverse heritage. The art collections represent the period that defined the styles and art movements in the past.

You can take a glimpse of some of Canada’s most treasured pieces in the Capital Region. If you don’t want to jostle with other tourists, you can visit the Virtual Museum of Canada.  

There’s also the Cultural Access Pass which lets you visit over 1,000 museums across Canada. You can also discover the National Capital Region by booking through your school’s programs.

National Historic Sites

Canada’s national historic sites are pieces that reflect Canadian ingenuity and creativity across time. These destinations are more than remnants of the past, they’re a living reminder of the events that shaped the country. 

You can take a trip down the National Battlefields Commission and witness the Plains of Abraham. There are also heritage lighthouses that represent Canada’s conserved identity.

During breaks, you can discover marine conservation areas or explore historic canals. There are 17 world heritage sites in Canada, so you try to visit each one if you have extra time. 

National Parks

If you want to bask in the unmatched Canadian beauty, consider taking a trip to their national parks. These destinations are your gateway to Canadian history and present life.

National parks are protected by the law for public enjoyment and appreciation. You can obtain a Discovery Pass to visit national parks across the country.

There’s the Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia and Rouge National Urban Park in Ontario. You may also plan a visit to the Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan. Then visit Yukon for the Kluane National Park and Reserve.

There are plenty of landmarks in Canada that you could visit. Here’s a few attractions and landmarks in Canada’s capital:

  • Confederation Boulevard
  • Parliament Hill
  • Rideau Canal Promenade

You can download the Canoo app from the Institute for Canadian Citizenship. This allows you to get free admission to over 1,400 museums, parks, and more.

Canada offers many attractive destinations that foster a better understanding of their life and culture. Make sure to follow our stories here at MSM Unify to get more insights about life as a student in Canada. 


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