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Key Things To Know When Studying in Dubai

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Dubai is a city that retains its heritage while also moving in to embrace the modern era. Dubai offers a lot of brilliant opportunities for foreign students, but it is also home to Arab cultures that may be different from the West. 

Here are 5 things you should expect when studying in Dubai.

It’s a Melting Pot of Diverse Cultures

Dubai is filled with students from different nations and backgrounds, some of which may be from the same country as you. It isn’t an exaggeration to call it a cultural melting pot, which would offer a wider view for those who haven’t experienced other cultures. 

You’ll be able to meet new people and share the experience and challenges that Dubai has to offer. You can learn from other cultures and share your own culture with them as well.

You Have to Adjust to Their Culture

Dubai is an Arab Emirate, and with it comes a few cultural and religious restrictions that foreigners should be aware of. The Islamic religion greatly impacts the lives of every Muslim in Dubai, so it isn’t surprising to see them prioritizing their religion over family and their country. Practices such as praying five times a day should always be respected by everyone, and not all women are comfortable in front of a man.

There are Certain Dress Codes to Follow

Dress codes in Dubai are strict as well. Women, regardless of religion, should only wear swimwear on beaches or swimming pools and should always dress modestly. There are also many traditional tourist sights with religious significance, so avoid public displays of affection, insulting the ruling family or Islam when visiting, and be respectful at all times.

Dubai Has a Hot Climate

If there’s anything you’ll really need to watch out for in Dubai is their climate. Dubai’s climate is hot. Almost all year-round, the city is engulfed in the hot rays of the sun. Living in a climate like this offers a lot of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities like going to the beach to get tan, but if that’s not something that suits your taste, you can always find shops, bars, and restaurants. Every shop in Dubai is fully air-conditioned. 

Little Language Barrier

English is the most commonly spoken language in Dubai, even more so than Arabic. People in Dubai are eager to make new friends, and as mentioned before, the city is a melting pot of multiple places, so you’ll be able to find people who speak the same language as you. 

It is still required to learn some Arabic because of the paperwork that comes with wanting to study in the city. Learning some phrases in the language will make your life in Dubai worthwhile.

The Nightlife is Vibrant

Dubai is an exciting city that offers nightlife that caters to the young. Although the nightlife doesn’t start until 9 pm, the city is always lively and you can go early to experience it. Dubai implements Sharia law which prohibits the purchase and consumption of alcohol, so make sure you bring your drinking license with you when you’re out to drink.

UAE has a zero-tolerance for drunk driving, never mind that that’s dangerous, you will have to pay a fine of up to AED 30,000 and up to three years in jail.

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