How To Create a Conducive Study Area in Your Dorm or Flat

How To Create a Conducive Study Area in Your Dorm or Flat e1645271181468

The perfect study area may seem like a pipe dream, but it is possible. Most international students wrestle with deadlines and studies due to poor space management. Fortunately, we can help you make your study area that suits your needs.

Study habits and unique course priorities vary. Regardless of your academic goals, you need a place that will foster your knowledge. 

Forget about going to cafes if you find your dorm too messy to study in. Here’s a guide on how you can create a conducive study area in your dorm or flat (on a budget!):

Secure a Study Spot

Claiming your own study space is a lot easier said than done. Your dorm may have little to no extra space, plus you may even have roommates taking dibs at certain corners.

If you have ample space, find a spot where natural light peeks through and has proper air circulation. In tight spaces, your best bet is your bed or the small space beside the bed frame (if any). It’s vital to be creative when choosing a spot in a small area. 

Find Accessible Storage To Keep Your School Files

Keep all your school files close to you when you’re studying. You can buy a file organizer to place on your desk. You can also get a small cabinet that can fit under the table.

If your dorm or flat allows, you can have hanging cabinets installed over your desk. This saves floor area while maximizing unused overhead spaces.

Eliminate Any Sources of Distraction

Anything that can potentially sever your train of thought is a distraction. Try to create a space where distractions (like loud traffic noise) can’t affect you.

Alternatively, you can simply keep distractions away from your space. Turn off the notification on your phone or close your windows to remove these nuisances.

Get Affordable Tools To Track Your Study Progress

Want to track your schedule without spending too much? You can buy a whiteboard or a corkboard that you can place near your desk.

Instead of printing pre-designed calendars or subscribing to a scheduling app, these tools can help you just the same. You have full authority over the design, and errors are easy to redo.

Find Alternative Sources of Lighting

Having a natural light source shouldn’t make you complacent. You need to have light to use when you’re studying at night.

There are many sources of artificial light you can choose from. There are floor lamps, desk lamps, and tiny lightsticks you can attach to your laptop. Make sure to buy something where the light intensity can be adjusted.

Invest in Ergonomic Chairs or Desk

If you have extra cash to spare, why not create an ergonomic study area in your dorm or flat? These pieces do cost a lot of money, but you get absolute comfort in return.

A simple footrest, headrest, or wrist rest can be a game-changer. You can start with smaller items that can improve your posture to avoid body aches. 

When studying abroad, a great study area is the greatest possession you can own. If you want to have a better study experience, take the time to read our articles here at MSM Unify. 


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