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How To Contact Colleges Properly

How To Contact Colleges Properly

How To Contact Colleges Properly
If you are excited to contact your college to impress with your credentials, or maybe simply inquire, you must know how to present yourself before impulsively sending an email to your prospective school’s admissions office.

Learn when and how to get in contact with your college. You may find their contact information on their website, and they will help answer your queries, whether about the application process or whatnot. Send them your email to get the information you need. Doing this will impress them, knowing that you have the enthusiasm to get into the school.

Below are some tips to effectively communicate with your college admissions offices:

Keep your email concise

Admissions officers do not have the time to read a text-heavy email. You must put your questions in a brief and organized manner. Focus on it and not on showing how great you are.

Introduce yourself

Always introduce yourself. State your name, name and location of high school, year of graduation, and your home address. Giving this basic information about you will help the admissions officer decide where to put you in the application process. Putting your name in the email is also a professional move, one that might make them remember you and leave a good impression.

Minimize the number of questions

Do not ask a lot of questions. You can ask the rest that you have in mind during campus visits. Make sure that the answers are not included or inaccessible on the school’s website. Otherwise, it may leave a bad impression on them.

Check for mistakes

Look for spelling, typos, and grammatical errors. Then, check again. Then, again. This is important so as not to give them confusion while reading your email.

Be professional

Do you still use the email address you created way back in your grade school years? The one including numbers and your pop idol? Or something silly or even offensive? This is the time to make a new one. A simple address would do; your name would be the best choice here.

Also, check your social media’s privacy settings. Your admissions officers might research their applicants, and an unprofessional post on your Facebook or Twitter will not look good for you. Present yourself in your most professional self, just like what you would do in application materials.

Reply right away

When you receive an email from them, reply to them instantly, even if it took some time for them to email you. This will show how serious you are about getting into your chosen college. Any additional conversation will be just fine.

Are you currently in the college admissions phase? Learn more tips and advice about this process by reading our other articles here at MSM Unify.


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