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How To Apply for a Scholarship To Study Abroad

How to Apply for a Scholarship to Study Abroad.

Your plans of getting an international education should include plans of applying for a scholarship to study abroad. Studying in another country such as UK, USA, Australia, and Canada will put great weight on your shoulders and a scholarship or study grant can help ease the burden. 

If you want to study abroad with fewer financial worries, these are ways on how to apply for scholarships for international studies.

Search for International Scholarships Online

One of the quickest and most convenient ways to search for an international scholarship is to look online. You can look through different websites to find a scholarship that suits your needs.

Types of Scholarships To Look Out For

You can narrow down your search for scholarships to by choosing from those that apply to you. Many scholarships out there are targeted toward a specific group of students, program, subject concentration, or study abroad destination.

You may want to filter your search based on the following scholarship types.

  • Student-specific – These scholarships are awarded to students based on a number of factors such as ethnicity, gender, disability, and religion.
  • Program-specific – You can also find scholarships that can be granted for students of a particular program. Some scholarships may be awarded to students studying under business programs, information technology programs, engineering programs, etc.

These scholarships are often awarded by the university or by external organizations that are affiliated with the institution (for that specific program only).

  • Subject-specific – These are scholarships awarded based specifically on your major or subject concentration. Some subject-specific scholarships are also country-specific, so you need to check which subject-specific scholarships can be applied to the country you’re studying in. 
  • Location-specific/Region-based – These are scholarships granted to students who are applying to study in a particular country. These can be granted by your home country’s government, the government of the host country, or the university you’re applying to. 

Basic Document Requirements

To apply for a scholarship to study abroad, you need to supply correct and complete documents. Some of these basic document requirements are:

  • Duly completed application forms
  • A motivation letter
  • An updated academic CV
  • Acceptance letter from the respective institution abroad
  • Letter of reference or recommendation letter (From previous instructors, professors, or employer/supervisor if applicable)
  • Financial/bank statements and/or documentary proof of low household income
  • Certificates, academic records, or any documents as proof of academic abilities
  • Any documents that serve as proof of athletic abilities (e.g. Awards certificates)

Step-by-Step Application Process

Depending on which scholarship program you’re planning to apply to, the application process may differ. Some may request additional documents to determine your eligibility. 

These are the steps that you can typically expect when applying for an international scholarship:

  1. If applying in through a website, complete the electronic application form then submit it along with digital copies of required documents
  2. Anticipate an email notification confirming application submission
  3. Prepare a motivation letter or personal essay
  4. Prepare documents to serve as proof of academic and/or athletic abilities (Original, photocopies, and copies translated to the official language of the country you’re studying in)
  5. If you’re applying for region-based scholarships, prepare proof of nationality
  6. Prepare bank statements/financial documents as proof of low household income
  7. Submit your acceptance letter from your respective institution abroad
  8. Wait for results if your application is accepted or rejected. If accepted, you can proceed to the steps provided to you by the scholarship program committee. If rejected, determine if you can re-apply, or proceed to apply for another scholarship. Just don’t give up!

Find solutions to your financial concerns with a scholarship to study abroad. We have plenty of resources here on MSM Unify to help you with your scholarship application. 


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