Hang Out in These 5 Cool Cafes and Libraries in the UAE

When one thinks of fun in the UAE, one thinks of intense outdoor adventures. Their mind moves along a list of beaches and sophisticated skyscraper dinners. But beyond these trips, a wanderlust will also find great journeys in humble places.

Cafes and libraries in the UAE are the perfect spots to study. They’re also great if one wants to revamp their Instagram feed with amazing shots.¬†

Whether it’s after classes or during weekends, seeing these cafes and libraries is a must. Before you go on crazy UAE adventures, dip your toes first in the serene beauty of these places:

Al Ras Library

Al Ras Library is a public library situated in the vibrant metropolis that is Dubai. The well-known library offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of Dubai’s energetic life.¬†

If you’re looking for a literary oasis in a city brimming with loud parties, visit this library. In here, you’ll find a staggering collection of titles ‚Äď roughly over 100,000 books. It’s also Dubai’s oldest public library so you’re in for a historic trip to Al Ras Library.

Spill The Bean

Spill The Bean is the compendium of all things fun and memorable in a cafe. It’s soaked in the aroma of high-quality coffee blends and meals. It’s a perfect spot to have your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Located in Dubai, Spill The Bean is aptly situated in a fantastic city. You can drop by here after a shopping spree in some of Dubai’s famous boulevards.¬†

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library Foundation

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library Foundation might have it all. For starters, it’s a library designed for people of all ages. Some features and facilities are perfect for kids, teens, and even families.

The library, which is situated in Al Jaddaf, boasts a wealth of cultural and historical gems. It was a project that sought to embody educational and societal movements in the UAE.

Downtown Café

Downtown Café infused the casual cafe experience with the luxury of reading. Perfect for students and professionals alike, this cafe offers a conducive space to relax and enjoy.

If you have pre-loved books, you can visit Downtown Caf√© and donate some of your collections. You’re also free to take any book from their private collection. Simply put, this place makes book exchange a fun and more memorable time.

BookMunch Cafe

By its name alone, BookMunch Cafe allows its guests to eat while enjoying a book. It’s a marvelous place for bookworms who like a nice cup of coffee and some snacks while they read.

BookMunch Cafe offers a wide selection of meals that seek to cater to various nationalities. Here you can enjoy cuisines from around the world with the comforts of your book. It’s both a journey for your tastes buds and imagination.¬†

 If you’re looking for hang-out places, try looking at some of the coolest cafes and libraries in the UAE. Make your adventures more fun by looking into more of our blogs here at MSM Unify.


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