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Guide to Transportation in Malaysia

Guide to Transportation in Malaysia

Guide to Transportation in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most affordable countries to live in for students. However, despite its affordability, the country boasts a fast developing and leading economy in Asia. And when it comes to being a study destination, Malaysia is catching up with the likes of the US, Canada, or Australia, and has been poised as a future top study destination. 

A Brief Introduction to Transportation in Malaysia

Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur, has a huge transport system that is widely made up of rail systems and buses. 

In general, Malaysia offers well-developed and affordable local public transportation to everyone. In fact, one ride can cost as low as $1. 

Moreover, the country also boasts efficient and convenient public transportation for everyone. Its transport networks, for example, are well developed. Also, both its international ports and airports are connected to its bus and train services. 

How Do You Go Around Malaysia? 

Malaysia, a country in Southeast Asia, is made up of two separate regions, West Malaysia, where its capital, Kuala Lumpur is Located, and East Malaysia, on the Island of Borneo. 

If you want to go around the country and cities of Malaysia, there are various transportation mediums you can take. 


Going around the city in Malaysia is easy, and one of the best ways to do that is by riding buses. Public buses in Malaysia are one of the cheapest ways you can get around the country or just within the city. 

Also, in Kuala Lumpur, they have the Go KL City Bus. This is a free bus service usually catered to tourists, so they can go around the city’s landmarks and shopping malls. 


Aside from buses, you can go around Kuala Lumpur and other states in Malaysia through the Metro. KL Monorail is one of the main subways in Kuala Lumpur and runs through the city center. On the other hand, other rail companies such as KTM Komuter and RapidKL connect Kuala Lumpur to other Malaysian states. 

When buying tickets, you have the option to buy through vending machines or through a station’s counter. Moreover, for better convenience, it is advisable for students to buy rechargeable cards instead of one-ride tickets. 


Kuala Lumpur’s airports can bring you to other parts of Malaysia in a short time, including East Malaysia. Also, it can bring you to the surrounding countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. 


Malaysia’s KTM trains can bring you around Kuala Lumpur and to other parts of the country. However, did you know that you can also go to other parts of the world by riding a train from Malaysia? From Malaysia, you can hop on the train to Thailand, from Thailand to Cambodia, Cambodia to Vietnam, and then Vietnam to China. 

Private Rides 

If you want convenience when traveling around the city, you have the option to travel by taxi or by booking through a ride sharing such as Grab. Take note, however, that these types of transportation in Malaysia cost more than public transportation. 

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