Extracurriculars You Should Engage in To Put in Your College Application

Extracurriculars You Should Engage in To Put in Your College Application

Extracurriculars You Should Engage in To Put in Your College Application
Filling out your college admissions process may look tiring and it’s important to know what information you should include. You surely don’t want to leave a space for your extracurricular activities as this can be a deciding factor for the college admissions panel.

So, when you are in the college admissions phase, take your time in writing down all the activities you have participated in. But try to limit what you will put to those activities that you actually enjoy and want to pursue. Don’t just participate for you to have something to write in your application.

Engage in the activities that you love that will earn you experiences in more ways than just the college application. Extracurriculars can also help you with your letters of recommendation. In your senior year, you can ask your club-sponsor teacher or coach to write about your growth. What better way to fill two needs with one deed?

As you still enjoy your high school life and do not worry yet about your college, you can read this article to see the types of extracurricular activities that colleges want to see.

Student government

Aside from smart applicants, colleges look for those with leadership skills. Holding a position in student government can set an impression for your prospective school that you are responsible, respected, capable, and can move others.

Academic clubs

You can also show that you are a bright student through academic clubs or teams. If quiz bees excite you, you can join academic teams. This shows that you’re a competitive student with a passion to learn more about things.

Debate team

Debaters are more likely to know the current issues in society. They are critical thinkers and are not afraid to speak out on their beliefs. These are qualities that colleges look for.

School publication

If your name is published, may it be in a school paper or any other form, it is already an impressive accomplishment. As most college courses expect students to have basic writing skills, being published does not only show you’re capable, but you’re good at it.

Being a part of a school publication will look great on your application as it shows how active you are outside of the classroom and also translates academic success in your college program.


Athletes are known to practice teamwork, hard work, and discipline in their games. They also have good social skills and leadership skills that may be useful for their college life.

Volunteer work

Community services are considered a must-have for college applicants. One way to engage in volunteerism is through finding a way how you can mix the activities you enjoy with your service hours.

If you enjoy music, you can volunteer to teach in a local music center. Are you an animal lover? You can help animal shelters that are much in need of assistance.

Internships and part-time jobs

Activities showing that you have work experience would greatly benefit you. You need not worry if you don’t have enough extracurriculars due to your part-time work, schools understand it. While studying abroad internship and job show that you are dedicated and mature enough for bigger responsibilities. 


Art clubs and culture clubs showcase your open-mindedness and willingness to learn about others. You can show your advocacies in culture clubs’ anti-bullying or gender equality campaigns. These clubs help you gain experiences and gain awareness of those who have different views from you.

Of course, balance within your studies and extracurricular activities is important to remember. And it’s best to choose different activities that will challenge and inspire you for colleges to see that you possess the skills and traits that they’re looking for.

Extracurricular activities are an important factor in your college application. To learn more about the college admissions process, browse through MSM Unify.


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