Essential Cooking Tips for International Students

Essential Cooking Tips for International Students

So, now is the time to avoid takeout from expensive restaurants and unhealthy fast foods. Instead, save money by cooking your food. Learn easy recipes that are healthy and pocket-friendly.

After all, being a great cook does not happen overnight. You need to exert time, patience, and a lot of hard work. But below are some effective cooking tips to help you improve your cooking skills:

  • Learn from friends and family

One great way to enhance your culinary skills is by learning them through friends and family firsthand. Cook with them. Just seeing how they cook will already widen your knowledge of cooking.

Understand that there are a lot of ways of cooking. Try to be open-minded when you see your friends doing something new in the way they chop or prepare meals.

It can also be a fun activity. Share recipes to expand your repertoire.

  • Plan your meals

When you plan your meals, you save a lot of money and your food choices can be much healthier. Decide on what you should be eating for the week to buy the exact grocery necessities.

Remember that homemade meals should not be boring. You can recreate your favorite restaurant meals at your dorm for a much affordable price.

  • Learn an easy tomato sauce recipe

Tomato sauce is a well-rounded kitchen necessity. Aside from pasta, you can use this as a base for stews, enchiladas, casseroles, Bolognese, and more. It is a very efficient and affordable cooking strategy for students.

Once you learned how to use the tomato sauce, add some herbs and spices to enrich the flavor. Then, add meat and vegetables and serve them with any ingredient you like.

  • Use a microwave more

A microwave will be your dorm’s best friend. It is a convenient kitchen equipment that will not only help you during your worst hangover but also instantly produce a good meal.

Although it is not as good as an oven, it surely does require less effort and time to use. So, use it smartly. Who knows, your microwave could be your most trusted ally!

  • Stock up on basic supplies

Stocking your supplies is always a good idea, especially when you go hungry, it will be much easier to cook knowing that your ingredients are complete.

Don’t worry if you think that you won’t be using it that much. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

  • Try one-pot recipes

If you are in a hurry, consider having one-pot meals. Aside from being cheaper, easy to do, you can also avoid excessive washing up. A simple soup or a pork dish are good options.

  • Use more food seasoning

Food seasoning is like magic. It can turn the blandest food into something fantastic. When you go food shopping, consider buying some basic seasonings.

Salt and pepper will always be the most essential, but it is also worth it to try other herbs and spices. Try paprika, Cajun pepper, or chili powder to put a nice kick to your meal. Meanwhile, dried oregano and basil are ideal for pasta dishes.

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